Deadly Art

  1. Steve Backshall and a sketch of a Polar Bear. Deadly Art BSP Promo

    Steve Backshall and a sketch of a Polar Bear.

    Learn how to draw a Deadly Polar Bear

  2. Naomi's face being Deadly Doodled Deadly Doodle Bugs

    Some doodle bugs doodling on Naomi

    Make fun doodles with Deadly Doodle Bugs

  3. Steve Backshall Deadly Dash 4 Extreme Edition game promo

    Steve Backshall runs from a polar bear. There is a condor in front of him.

    Go wild in Deadly Dash 4 Extreme

  4. Deadly Planet: Mission Madagascar Deadly Planet Mission Madagascar

    Deadly Planet: Mission Madagascar

    Play as Steve in the Mission Madagascar game

Inspired by his amazing list of Deadly 60 animals, Steve Backshall challenges a team of artists to create some astounding deadly animal art.

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