1. Footage of Copycats game. Copycats

    Footage of Copycats game.

    Can you memorise the patterns to win in Copycats?

  2. Mark Rhodes foldee Mark Foldee Promo

    Mark Rhodes and completed foldee

    Print out and make this origami Mark Foldee

  3. Sound Smash Game Sound Smash Game Promo

    Sound Smash Game

    Keep to the beat with Sam & Mark in our Sound Smash game

  4. The Finished Cook Book beside the Print out. Copycats Recipe Card

    The Finished Cook Book beside the Print out.

    Join Sam and Mark in making the ultimate Club Sandwich

Sam and Mark have fun with two families in a range of cheeky Chinese whispers based games. Who will copy the best and win the famous Copycats trophy?

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