Bear Behaving Badly

  1. Nev the bear's face bear-behaving-badly-bsp-promo-wide

    The cast of Bear Behaving Badly in the kitchen

    Catch up on hilarious episodes of Bear Behaving Badly

  2. Nev Foldee Nev Foldee promo 01

    Nev Foldee

    Print out and make your own Nev Foldee

  3. The Nev mask. Nev the Bear Mask

    The Nev mask with Barney and Nev.

    Print out and make your own Nev Mask

  4. Nev in a shower cap. Bath the Bear Game

    Cartoon Nev hiding in a bin with a shower cap on.

    Wash the Bear Behaving Badly in this Nev game

  5. Nev with sunglasses on, singing in to a microphone. Rap It Up game

    Nev in a car park, dressed as a rap star, singing into a microphone.

    Can you hit the beat in Nev's Rap It Up game?

Welcome to the home of Nevaland and Bear Behaving Badly, where mischief reigns!

Watch Barney Harwood, Crazy Keith and friends in funny and silly clips. Explore Nev's world in Nevaland, play Nev games and do Nev the Bear activities.

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