CarnelianSprinklesKoala asks: What is your favourite type of dance?
Victoria says: It would have to be jazz and hip hop.

SapphirePaintingGoldfish asks: Is Emily your friend in real life?
Victoria says: Yes Emily, Alexandra Beaton, is my friend, we get along really well. She's 4 years older than me but we’re still good friends.

CrimsonSquashyQueen asks: Do you prefer dogs or cats?
Victoria says: Cats. I have a cat. He’s 12 years old and he's called Tiggy.

SapphireInfiniteButterfly asks: When did you start dancing?
Victoria says: I started dancing when I was 3 recreationall and. I started competition dancing when I was 6.

WhiteMuffinTiger asks: Who is your inspiration?
Victoria says:   For dance it would have to be my Mum. She always wanted to be a dancer and she never got the opportunity to persue it because she’s in a big family. She inspires me every day, along with my dance teacher Frank Georgio.

CrimsonFlyingPrincess asks: How long does it take to learn a dance before you shoot an episode?
Victoria says: Good question! Typically we learnin a routine in about 2 days. We’re rehearsing all the time. When we’re not on set filming scenes, then we’re in the rehearsal room.

RedVioletGlitteryIguana asks: How do you feel about the E-Girls being rude to Michelle?
Victoria says: I definitely think th E-Girls are up to no good as of right now. I feel like they’re not treating Michelle fairly and they’re not seeing what she’s capable of bringing to the team.

BlueBlackQuirkyTortoise asks: Who is your best friend on set? P.S. I can't believe I'm asking you this. Ahhhhhhhhhh. This is amazing!!!!!!!! :)
Victoria says:   That’s so sweet. My best friend on set would be… all of the girls! The boys tend to do their own thing most of the time and the girls have their own clique.

CyanPaintingPenguin asks: Is A Troupe real or a fake group?
Victoria says: A Troupe is a made-up 'fake reality' group, because the show is a made-up show, but it’s very similar to what real life dance teams are like.

CoralMusicalFalcon asks: Are you similar in any ways to Michelle?
Victoria says:   Definitely. I’m very similar. She’s a humble character and I think I'm a humble person. I don’t like being in the spot light and when the spot light is on me I get uncomfortable and shy, just like Michelle is.

CeruleanGroovyBasilisk asks: What type of music do you like to dance to?
Victoria says: I like dancing to more conemtproary music. And sometimes pop music.

EmeraldSwimmingRose asks: Hi Victoria, what is your biggest dream and why?? :D thank you
Victoria says:  My biggest dream would have to be moving to Los Angeles to go to University there. I'm 15 now and that’s been my dream since I was a little kid. I’ve always wanted to do the Hollywood dream. A lot of my older friends on the show live there now, for example Jordan Clark, and she has a blast.

ViridianKnittingFairy asks: You are amazing on the Next Step. My question is, what is your favourite song?
Victoria says:  Good question! My favourite song right now is Birthday by Katy Perry.

StarstoneWhirlingBanana asks: What is the best thing about playing Michelle on the next step?
Victoria says: The best thing is the drama. As an actor I love being in the scenarios of those drama-filled scenes. Michelle goes through a lot of drama!

IvoryNaughtyStarfish asks: How do you feel about your character being abused by Emily? Does Michelle hold it down as usual or finally lets it go and shows that she can be a way better captain?
Victoria says:   There comes a point when Michelle does hold her ground. She's pushed a lot but she holds her ground.

GingerMegaHamster asks: If you could make up a milkshake flavour what would the favour be?
Victoria says:   Good one! Chocolate peanut butter cookies flavour!

CrimsonFestiveJaguar asks: Which actor in the next step is most like themself in real life?
Victoria says:   Trevor is exactly like James, hands down. He doesn’t even have to pretend to play the part. His personality on the show is exactly how he is off set.

MaroonAutumnFalcon asks: If you had to be a different character, who would it be?
Victoria says:   I would choose to be West because he’s so funny and outgoing. He’s always a positive asset to the cast.

BeigeDivaButterfly asks: What do you enjoy about dancing? And how often do you dance to keep fit?
Victoria says:   I love that there’s always something new to learn. I dance pretty much every day of the week, except the weekends. I train at a dance school. It’s a bit like the next Step, but not so much drama!

SapphireGigglyGoose asks: What is your favorite film of all time?
Victoria says: Maybe Cinderella.

BlackMusicalEagle asks: Did you already know how to do the West moves on Episode 12 or did you just learn for the episode?
Victoria says:   I’m pretty sure I just learnt for the episode.

VioletTwirlingGoose asks: Do you have any siblings and if you do are they annoying or nice?
Victoria says: Ha ha! I have an older brother and he’s annoying and nice to me!

GreySquashyConke asks: What is your most embarrassing moment? If you haven't got one, what’s the most scary moment you’ve ever had?
Victoria says:   When I was in Grade 2 we were in gym class at school and when I did my signature splits my pants ripped and I started bawling and all my friends laughed at me.

AquaFuzzyPhoenix asks: What’s it like dancing and knowing everyone is watching you?
Victoria says:   I love being on stage and I love performing for people. When it’s a solo I feel like I'm capturing everyone’s attention. I love sharing something with people that they’ve not seen me do before. People can always learn something new from watching people dance.

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