The beginning of the Heroes!

Hey heroes – here's my latest comic about how me and Bubs became friends - check it out!

How did you meet your BFFs? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Please keep sending me your superhero pictures and comics (or anything else you want to draw) – they’re AMAZING!

I love looking at them. You’re all super-powered super artists!


Happy New Year from the Gang :)

Hey Guys.

Wow, here we are. January.

I'm sad that Christmas is over. But that feeling is immediately replaced by getting excited about starting back to school. Well, not school exactly, but the League of Ordinary Heroes!!!!!

I asked everyone about their New Years Resolutions - what about you guys? What are you looking forward to in 2017?


Heroes Art Gallery - Your Submissions Wanted!

Hey Heroes!

I’ve been making more campaign posters as the election is really soon. What do you think? I’m sticking with the superhero idea lol – mainly because I love drawing myself as a superhero (and drawing is my superpower).

I’ve made a template you can download if you want to draw your own superhero too - I'd love to see you as superheroes!

Get drawing and send me your designs!

Billie x

A Christmas Message from from the League of Ordinary Heroes!

So, on top of all the Christmas mayhem and secret santa-ing, we all managed to make a little something for you guys. Hope you enjoy.

Oh, and we've put the answers to the puzzles below! Thanks so much for helping! 

Merry Christmas! A&B x

The League Of Ordinary Puzzles!

OMD look at these! So fun!!! 😀

Bubs, Abi and Billie made me a puzzle each at break time - all about my time here so far. I'm so much better at sports than I am at crosswords!! 🙈😂

This first one is from Bubs. He put 10 words in here but I could only find 'Amani'!

This one's from Abi, I don't know how she managed this in one break time!

Billie drew this one - did you get all six differences? I did - but only with your help! Thank you! Ax

Mutant Meatballs...

OMD how cool is this!!!?

Me and the guys are always talking about the weird school dinners and wondering what they’re made of. And then Billie made this (while she was in Chemistry and should have been learning about elements).

So good ahahah!😂 I hope she makes some more! Ax

I've found my friends!

Hey guys!

Ah, things are starting to fall into place 😃 finally! After a rocky start I think I've found my friends now. Not to mention the sports team which I'm so excited about. Maybe i'll make captain... 🏀🏉🎾⚽️🏃🏿 So happy!! Drew Fletcher is starting to feel like home.

Also, I went to one of Billie's "League of Ordinary Heroes" superhero club things (I'm officially Amani Warrior Princess now). 

What would your superpower be? I'd like the power to stay awake during geography!

A x

Vlog 5 - A Time For Heroes

Hi everyone - last week was horrible, but you can find heroes in unlikely places...

Thanks for all of your support, it's really helped.

Onwards and upwards!

Amani x

Vlog 4 - A Nightmare Day

OMD - this was a horrible day. I can't believe what happened.

Thanks so much for all your advice guys - it means a lot. 

Amani x

Vlog 3 - The Invitation

It’s amazing how quickly things can change!

Amani x

Vlog 2 - The Poster Problem

Ok, that was full on. Blake and Billie both running for President... who do I support? What do you guys think - should I vote Blake... or vote Billie?

Amani x

Vlog 1 - A New Beginning

What do you guys think of everyone? There’s friends potential here... right? Let me know if you think I'm going to be ok at Drew Fletcher! Any advice?

Amani x


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