LemonLittlePapaya: What is the best feature of your character?

Joe: With Johnny and Tee, it's the fact they've got each other.

Mia :   Yeah, it's good having another family member.

SunstoneSingingClownfish: What got you into acting and how old were you when you started acting?

Philip : I saw my very first movie when I was really young and I said I really want to act. I was 6 when I went for my first audition for Tracy Breaker and when I got the part I squealed and ran across the playground!

Mia : I got into it through dancing. I started dancing when I was 2 dut did my first acting job when I was 8 or 9.

Joe : My Mum was acting in an amateur show and she couldn't get a babysitter for me so I went along and joined in with the show. And then I caught the bug and decided that's what I wanted to do.

RubyDrawingSinger: Danny, what has been your favourite moment, playing the part of Rick in Tracy Beaker Returns and The Dumping Ground?

Danny : I learnt to play the guitar for the show, so that was a cool moment.

ScarletNeonGiraffe: How do you cope with your career and your school work?

Mia : It's tricky, but we get tutoring on set, so as long as you're willing to put in the extra effort, then you can do it.

AmaranthBakingEchidna: Hi Joe, in the episode 'Hope', you tried to protect Tee from your mum and then at the end called her about Hope being taken to the Dumping Ground. How did you feel after fighting your mum and then teaming up with her in the end?

Joe : Ever since a young age, Johnny's been constantly protecting Tee, so he knew that ringing their mum was in Tee's best interests.

BlueVioletBreezyWerewolf: Who is the youngest - Floss or Harry?

Philip : Floss. She's 6.

GingerWavyOstrich: Mia, where do Tee's outfits come from because they are amazing?

Mia : Tee's outfits are chosen by our costume designers and are not from one specific shop. But she tends to wear casual jeans and t-shirts, mostly from high-street shops like River Island or Topshop!

AquaShyPlum: Rick, how did it feel when you had to film the episode where you and Carmen went on the date?

Danny : It was awkward, because we're all like family and I had to pretend to have feelings for her.

CreamBigMango: Rick, how did you learn guitar, did you know how to play it or did you have to learn it for the show?

Danny : I had to learn for the show. I only had to learn two songs so it only took two or three lessons. I haven't played it since.

SilverPianoActor: Who is the funniest person on set?

Mia : Kacey who plays Bailey.

MauveRappingParakeet: Have you ever argued with each other on set?

Mia : Yes, because we spend so much time together, it's inevitable.

Joe : It's a timebomb when you mix a load of teenagers together.

OliveFlyingPrimrose: Mia, if you could, which magic power would you have?

Mia : To read people's minds. I'd love that.

LimeCheekyBuffalo: You are all amazing actors, but have you ever been embarrassed on set?

Mia : Yes, there's always something embarrassing happening.

Philip : It was embarrassing when I got stuck on top of a bouncy castle.

BlueVioletDizzyToucan: Do you ever get emotional filming an episode? If so, what has been the one you have found the saddest?

Mia : When Dani was leaving, one of her last scenes was emotional.

Philip : It's sad when anyone leaves.

Joe : Sometimes the saddest times are when you read the script for the first time, but once you're filming it you've had time to get accustomed to it.

BlackCuriousOtter: What was the audition process like?

Danny : Everyone's is different. Mine was done in just one day.

Philip : Mine was two days, but the wait between them is really scary.

Mia : Me and Joe auditioned together.

BlackPancakeJaguar: What has been the best episode or scene to film in series 2?

Joe : The Christmas Special, Jody in Wonderland , definitely.  It was more like a movie set than a TV set.

Danny : We had to play so differently to our usual characters.

Philip : The only thing the same between the charcters was our voices.

ApricotCustardLadybird: What do you all have in common apart from your acting skills?

Danny : We all like food! We really enjoy a barbeque. We did that for my birthday. I'm a very good chef.

CarmineGlitterySeal: What are your favorite colours ?

Philip : Purple

Mia : Mine's purple too. Same as Justin Bieber.

Danny : Maroon

Joe : Rainbow colours

GarnetQuietSeal: Joe- have you ever thought about joining the army before?

Joe : Not really. The closest I've ever come was watching action man. I don't think I'd be brave enough.

GoldSewingMouse: Hi you guys are an inspiration to me, so I want to ask who your inspiration was when you were growing up?

Danny : Mine was Ricky Gervais.

Mia : Mine was Leonardo DiCaprio.

Philip : Mine was Johnny Depp.

AmethystLaughingGirl: Who is your favourite musician?

Mia : Justin Bieber!!

Joe : The Darkness.

Philip : Avicii.

Danny : Mozart. I do enjoy a bit of classical music.

ScarletPancakeApricot: If you were not actors and actresses, what would you be?

Danny : A motor sport mechanic.

Mia : I'd want to be a dancer.

Phillip : A drummer.

Joe : I've always wanted to be an actor, but, if not, I'd probably be a pirate.

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