Picture puzzle

Can you put these pictures together to make a school essential? You might need to be a Wolfblood fan to guess this one!

QuartzBrainyKid solved it first, well done!

Got a funny caption for this pic?

On this week's show, Barney will be checking out an amazing archaeological dig! If you've got a funny caption to go with this photo of him, stick it in the comments...

"I'm glad I'm not down there" – caption by VioletBrainySeahorse


CLUE: This is something for vertical writing.

Can you rearrange the letters in "I rowed bath" to get the answer? (IndigoCurlyPegasus got it first, nice one!)

Spot Shelley

Well done to QuartzBrainyKid for spotting Shelley first! She was hiding in a super secret comment which linked to this super secret page.

Emoji puzzle

What are these six school subjects? Comment when you've got all six!

Answers: history, maths, German, drama, geography, art. Well done PurpleOriginalQueen for getting there first!

The Fan Club Hour

Meet here 5-6pm on Tuesdays for the Fan Club Hour! You can chat to other BP fans, play Spot Shelley and other games...basically it's your time to get together and celebrate being part of this epic club!

See you at 5...

Send us your make pictures

Have you had a go of one of our makes? Upload a photo here or send one to bluepeter@bbc.co.uk.  If you post us your make you could even get yourself a Blue Peter badge!

These jelly fruit slices look delicious, Ava and Nancy!

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