Spot Shelley

Well done SilverUkuleleSquirrel for spotting Shelley first! She's (very well) hidden in this photo from the grow your own tomatoes page...

Can you solve this picture puzzle?

These four pictures make up the name of someone who a lot of people will have their eyes on in the next couple of weeks...who can get the name first? Leave a comment below with your guess!

Blue Peter badges rap

Amy wrote a rap all about badges and sent us this amazing performance of it! Not only is it a brilliant rap, it's also full of great advice for anyone looking to get a badge.

The Fan Club Hour

Meet here 5-6pm on Tuesdays for the Fan Club Hour! You can chat to other BP fans, play Spot Shelley and other games...basically it's your time to get together and celebrate being part of this epic club!

See you Tuesday...


Can you rearrange the letters in 'cram all pie' to make something incredible but a bit gross?

Got a funny caption for this pic?

Here's a photo of Radzi and Lindsey making a film about cricket. Got a funny caption for it? Stick it in the comments and we might put it below the pic!

'Radzi getting his game face on' – caption by YellowReadingKoala

Send us your make pictures

Have you had a go of making the Iggy beanie or one of our other makes? You can email them to  If you post us your make you could even get yourself a Blue Peter badge!

Ben, aged 8, sent us this pic with the Iggy beanie make. He used a cream towel instead of yellow, and named it Snowy!

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