Part 1 - by GoldMegaFan

Rhydian, Shannon and Tom are all ambling back from school. They look downbeat.

Shannon – "What do you think she’s up to now?"

Tom – "I don’t know. Probably causing trouble somewhere."

Rhydian looks pensive.

Shannon – "You okay Rhydian?"

Rhydian –   "Fine."

He paces ahead, clearly not fine. Tom gives Shannon a meaningful look.

Tom – "Why did you have to go on about her?"

Shannon just shrugs apologetically. They approach Bernie’s. As they get closer, Dr. Whitewood approaches.

Dr. Whitewood –   "We need to talk, Rhydian."

Rhydian – "I’ve got nothing to say."

Shannon – "You shouldn’t be following us like this."

Dr. Whitewood hesistates.

Dr. Whitewood (Ignoring Tom and Shannon)  - "Well, when you feel ready to talk, you know where to find me."

She hands Rhydian a card and leaves. He throws it to the ground.

His eyes flare as he begins to Wolf Out. Shannon grabs him.

Shannon – "Rhydian, let’s get you inside."

Part 2 - by LavenderWhirlingBear

Rhydian takes a deep breath. Shannon hugs him, sighing. “We all miss her, Rhydian…” 

Glancing down, Rhydian sees writing on the back of Dr. Whitewood’s trampled card, and warily picks it up. As he reads, his stomach lurches /Thought you’d like to see Maddy again/.

“She’s got Maddy!”, he yells, his face contorted with worry. Before Tom or Shannon can respond, he races into the distance.

“Why, hello Rhydian,” Dr. Whitewood beams.

“Where’s Maddy?” he demands.

“Oh!" she laughs mirthlessly. "She wasn’t here. You see, /lovesick puppy/, I’ve a few questions for you... about the Smith family."

Part 3 - by PurpleSmallLlama

"I've got nothing to say to you," Rhydian said, "Just let me see Maddy!"

"I will," Dr Whitewood lied, "As soon as you answer my questions!"

Rhydian felt anger rise inside him.

"Don't, Rhydian!", Shannon shrieked, as Rhydian struggled to control his inner-wolf, "Don't give in to blackmail!"

Dr Whitewood smiled, then walked on. Rhydian stared after her.

"If you never want to see her again, then fine, I understand,".

Tom and Shannon came over to him.

"I've got a plan. Go with her, answer the questions. But don't tell the truth. Don't say one word of the truth," Tom said.

Rhydian ran to catch her.

Part 4 - by RedVioletCoolBoing

Rhydian grits his teeth, "Fine I'll answer your questions.. but if you dare hurt Maddy..."

Dr Whitewood rolls her eyes, "Alright, your precious friend will come to no harm. But I need answers."

She turns and starts walking to an immense, silver building

"I'll ask the questions in my office."

(In the office) Dr Whitewood, "Please take a seat."

Rhydian sits down, "Make it quick, Tom and Shan will be waiting."

Without warning, Dr Whitewood suddenly lights a match and throws it to the ground.

Rhydian stares at it wide eyed. Without realising, his eyes start turning yellow, "You never wanted answers just proof!"

Part 5 - by BluePlayingHawk

Whitewood eyed Rhydian wickedly, a smirk curving on her lips, while tapping her pen down on the table.

"What else could I have wanted?" 

His blood began to boil, as black veins inched down his hand.

"Where's Maddy?" 

A villainous, yet subtle cackle came from her lips.

"Did you really think I had her? Your precious she-wolf is still somewhere out there - I doubt I would be able to find her. But now that I have you, she'll come crawling back"

Rhydian runs for the door, jolting it, but it won't budge. Banging against it doesn't help. Injection in hand, Whitewood puts him to sleep.

Part 6 - by BlackNeonPotato

It was as if sleeping, but being forced to do so. All Rhydian saw was pure, jet blackness surrounding him. He couldn't escape the darkness that threatened to engulf him whole. Then, finally, he was awake, just. But, where was he? 

It had taken Rhydian a while to take the scenery in. The substance was some sort of anaesthetic, only not for animals, perhaps, for Wolfbloods!

Yes, it had all come into view. He was in Maddy's house, the den. Rhydian seemed to be fooled by this, as Whitewood opened the creeping doors.

"Here, I can study you. Scientifically."

He gave a Growl, no longer caring.

Part 7 - AgateFestiveDaisy

Dr. Whitewood gave Rhydian an injection to put him to sleep. She had cameras all around the room to study him. She took samples from him and left.

Rhydian awoke to the sound of the cage banging. Standing there were Shannon, Tom and...

"Maddy!" Rhydian said with joy.

"Shh, Rhydian, we're gonna get you out of here." Maddy said.

As soon as the cage swung open, Dr. Whitewood appeared.

"Run!" Tom shouted, taking her samples.

Security tried to catch them, but they were no match for the Wolfblood pack!

They escaped, and Tom smashed her samples. They walked away, Maddy and Rhydian in wolf form...

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