Tom Clarke is a 16 year-old schoolboy with a secret- he and his family are wizards! Tom was happy using the odd spell to finish his homework or score the winning goal- until the Nekross arrived. A race of Magic-eating aliens from the planet Nekron, the Nekross have come to Earth to drain the planet and all of its wizards of every drop of Magic…

The only people who can stop the Nekross are Tom and his best friend Benny. Benny is a scientific genius, and the boys soon form a close friendship as they use a combination of Magic and science to fight the Nekross threat. Tom is also aided by his wizard grandmother Ursula, his dad Michael, and by the Guardian of the family’s Chamber of Mysteries - the irascible hobgoblin Randal Moon! Together they defend the planet from the Nekross’ evil plans.

The Nekross have travelled throughout the galaxy feasting on all the Magic they have come across. And now they’ve arrived on the last planet in the universe that contains Magic- Earth!  Led by the monstrous Nekross King and his children Varg and Lexi, the Nekross use their advanced technology to capture wizards and extract their Magic. With teleports, ion cannons and fearsome pets at their disposal they make a formidable enemy for Tom Clarke.

Using all of his skills as a wizard, and with the help of his family and friends, only Tom can defend the Earth from the Nekross threat, and save the planet!

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