Find out all about Ursula

Age:   A lady never says!

Species:   Human wizardkind

Likes:   Tangleweed Tea, brewing Magical potions

Dislikes:   Getting her spells confused, mobile phones

Favourite Spell:   ‘Sprash-afalla-waan dah!’ (Spring cleaning)

Quote:   ‘I have the blood of warrior wizards in my veins.’

Ursula is the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter of the Magical Line of Crowe, and Tom’s occasionally ditzy gran! Her family have battled all manner of creatures from the Neverside, and Ursula is now proudly passing on her Magical heritage to Tom.

Ursula may at first appear as a typical cuddly grandmother, but she has inner steel! Well-versed in the ways and mythologies of wizardkind, she delights in teaching Tom how to cast spells and read the wizard language, stonescript.

Her best friend in the whole world is Hobgoblin Randal Moon, who she’s known her whole life and who makes the tastiest cup of tangleweed tea! She’s at her happiest pottering around the Chamber of Mysteries and cooking up Magical potions.

Although she doesn’t always get her spells right these days, Ursula is invaluable help to Tom and will do whatever it takes to protect wizardkind from the Nekross. Blessed be the Source of all Magic!

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