Find out all about Tom

Age:   17

Species:   Human wizardkind

Likes:   Football, Seafood Pizza with extra anchovies and jalapenos

Dislikes:   Homework, magic-eating aliens

Favourite Spell:   ‘Maah-gann dah!’ (football redirection)

Quote:   '…this time, whatever it takes, the wizards are going to win! '

Tom Clarke is a 17-year-old schoolboy with a secret- he’s a wizard! Tom’s family - the Magical Bloodline of Crowe - have been wizards for generations, and taught by his grandmother Ursula he’s learning the ways of Magic!

Wizards only get three spells a day, sunrise to sunrise, and Tom’s used them to make his life easier- helping him score the winning goal, or finish his homework. He’s popular and sporty, and life couldn’t get much better. And then the Nekross arrive…

Tom must now use his three daily spells to protect the Magic of Earth! Although his mother died when he was young, with the help of Ursula and hobgoblin Randal Moon he will become a heroic wizard. His Unenchanted dad Michael is always there to encourage him- teaching him that although he has a great gift it is his responsibility to use it wisely.

With his best friend and science genius Benny by his side, Tom has faced all manner of alien and Magical threats – not least when both were trapped aboard the Zarantulus at the mercy of Chancellor Kooth’s armada! In their darkest hour, Tom was spurred on to save the world so that Benny could go on his first ever date and together, the pair worked out how Tom was to ‘take the salute’. Although after drinking the extracted Magic Benny was able to bring Tom back and stop him taking his new powers too far, the power that Tom experienced scared him and he is more wary of casting big spells than ever before…

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