Find out all about the Satyr

Age:   100 years old

Species:   Satyr

Likes:   Being the strongest creature in the forest, Benny Jr.

Dislikes:   Being a monster, not being able to talk

Favourite Food:   Three-legged chickens 

Quote:   They think me a monster.’

The Satyr was an inhabitant of the Neverside Realm – a vicious, horned beast with stag’s legs and hoofed feet.  He was one of the most powerful creatures in the realm, fighting off other monsters to become the king of the forest!  

An unfeeling, unthinking monster, the Satyr first attacked Tom and Lucy when they arrived in the Neverside Realm – Tom creating a Magical shield around their home every day to protect them from the beast. Yet when Benny Jr. was old enough to go into the forest on his own, he befriended the Satyr, who oddly seemed to be becoming more civilised…

When Tom and Lucy followed Benny Jr into the forest, they were shocked and terrified to discover their son’s new friendship. But now that the Satyr was able to talk, he could explain that he was in fact Lexi’s brother Varg, transformed by the Magic of the Neverside into the Satyr, just as Lexi had become Lucy. Ashamed at his appearance and savage ways, the Satyr had hidden in the forest and protected them from the other dangerous creatures of the Neverside Realm. Only the fearless Benny Jr. had the courage to approach him. With Benny and Ursula ultimately leading a rescue, Varg was restored on his return to the Dayside.

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