Find out all about the Nekross

Species:    Nekross, from the planet Nekron in the Korbol galaxy

Likes:    Feasting on Magic, advanced technology

Dislikes:    Disgusting humans, particularly ‘halflings’

Base of Operations:    The Starship Zarantulus

Quote:    ‘Extract the Magic!’

They have travelled the stars, seeking out each and every planet that contains Magic and draining it dry. And now they have come to the last planet with Magic in the universe- Earth!

From the Fighting Snakes Nebula to the Black Eye of the Phantom galaxy the Nekross have extracted the Magic from every wizard and Enchanted creature they’ve encountered. With the Nekross King confined to the planet Nekron to process Magic to feed his people, his son Varg now leads the search for Magic as King Regent of All Nekross. With his beguiling new wife the Lady Lyzera at his side, these formidable aliens will stop at nothing to sate their appetite for Magic!  

Using highly advanced technology, the Nekross have created teleports, special sensors, and powerful weapons to help them capture and then drain wizards in their Magic Extractor. Enchanted beings have to be very clever to escape their clutches- Magic doesn’t work directly on the Nekross, to them it’s a tasty snack!

Wizards of Earth beware- the Nekross have arrived and will extract your Magic! The Nekross shall feast!

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