Find out all about the Jacana Family

Species:    Wizardkind

Names:   Joseph (dad), Bisme and Chipo (daughters)

Likes:    Deciphering Bisme’s cryptic visions of the future

Dislikes:    Being taken over by the Nekross

Favourite Spell:   Shan-pas-dah! (Summoning Charm)

Quote:    ‘I think you’ll find, both my daughters are extraordinary.’

On a dark and stormy night, the Jacanas arrived at the Clarke house with an incredible proposition – will the wizards of the Line of Crowe help them summon the fabled Source of all Magic? Claiming to have located it in the jungles of Peru, the Jacanas knew that Tom and Ursula were powerful and dynamic wizards, always keen to help others! Combining their Magic and with the help of Randal Moon, they used all their spells to summon the Source of all Magic to them. It appeared as a huge diamond, but all was not as it seemed…

Ursula retired to the Chamber to seek Communion with the Source, but unbeknownst to her Tom and Benny were making a shocking discovery – the Jacanas were being controlled by Varg!  He’d captured them and enslaved their minds using Voolox robots, all to get the fake Source into the Clarke house – the huge diamond being a clockwork bomb that could work in the Chamber!  As the bomb exploded, the Nekross captured Tom, Benny and the Jacanas...

Horrified by what they’d done, the Jacanas ultimately proved invaluable in saving the day!  Using Bisme’s psychic abilities, Ursula was able to give Tom the message ‘Take the Salute’, and on drinking raw Magic he became powerful enough to banish the Nekross armada and return the Jacanas and everyone else home!

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