Find out all about the Grazlax

Species:   G razlaa (the plural of ‘Grazlax’)

Likes:   Munching everything it sees, hunting

Dislikes:   Loud high-pitched noises, getting too hot

Homeworld:   Grazlaxicon III, in the Korbol galaxy

Quote:   ‘Grrr.  Neurgh rarrg gnash gnash gnash!’

The Grazlaa are feared throughout the universe! A race of diminutive, snappy monsters, they’ve eaten through everything on every planet they’ve ever visited - almost nothing can stop them!

A ball of fangs and fur on legs, Grazlaa can munch through wood, metal, and even stone! They are brilliant trackers, and if they get your scent nothing can stop them finding you. The Nekross are only able to contain a Grazlax using a special box made from a dense alloy found in dying stars.

Having no arms, Grazlaa use their huge snappy mouths and head-horns to smash and tear through anything they encounter. If a Grazlax gets too hot, a metabolic reaction starts and it explodes into three new Grazlaa! Usually this takes volcanic heat, but the cosmological and environmental conditions of Earth mean that it only takes about 50-60℃ to set off the reaction.

The only way to stop a Grazlax is with very loud, high-pitched noise. Though don’t stand too close to them - they explode in a shower of orange goo!

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