Find out all about Stickley

Species:    A Hobbledehoy, filled with pride / who ventured from the Neverside.

Likes:    To rearrange you – what a crime! / And speaking just in words that rhyme!  

Dislikes:    Wizards trying to seal his fate / or Nekross who would eat his mate!

Base of Operations:    Unhappy with his Chamber stay / the rhyming creature ran away!

Quote:  Throughout all time, fools have sought /  To trick me, and all come to naught.

The wizards soon learn not to toy,
With the awesome Hobbledehoy!

He may just be a head on feet,
But his great Magic can’t be beat!

He’s full of cheek and rude at best,
Mischief is his favourite quest!

His great skill is to rearrange,
To swap you round, so you’ll feel strange.

Tom got smart and Benny Magic,
Ursula cruel, and Varg tragic!

And nearly did they stay that way,
When Squiggley met extraction ray!

But these creatures are always two,
Find the second is what to do!

By catching Stickley with a ruse,
He could not answer without clues,

The wizards made him swap them back,
To get all of their lives on track.

So in the Chamber, he did dwell,

For him it was a living hell!

And one day Stickley in a rage,

Escaped his life locked in a cage!

Wizards out there should all beware,

This creature could be anywhere!

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