CBBC have been auditioning acts from across the UK to find the 5 finalists who will compete for your vote and the title of Sport Relief Does Glee Club 2014.


The live shows begin on Thursday 20 th March 2014 with the semi-final. Five semi-finalists will perform and the audience will phone in to vote for their favourite. The top 3 will go through to the live final on Friday 21 st March 2014 – where the audience will see them perform again and can phone in to vote for the winning act. There will be 8 programmes before the semi-final covering the auditions and heats, plus introducing the 5 semi-finalists.

Each act’s performance will receive comments from our 4 judges after the performance. One of the judges will be ‘Head Judge’.

After all acts have performed for the live shows, telephone lines will be announced open and viewers will have the opportunity to vote for the act they would like to win. The result will be announced at the end of each live show (the overall winner will be announced at the end of Friday’s final).

In the event of a problem with the phone lines, there are a number of contingencies. These may include the acts being scored by the judges.


If the telephone vote is tied between 2 or more acts the judges will confer and the head judge will reveal the scores and announce the successful act.


Voting is by telephone only. The numbers to vote for each act will be given out during the live portion of the show.

Calls are free from a BT and most landlines. Some networks and mobile operators will charge for these calls.

Vote lines are opened and closed at the times specified on the programme. Please do not call before the lines open or after the lines have closed as your vote will not be counted, but you may still be charged if calling from a network or operator that charges. Please be aware voting times may change.

If you are watching ‘SPORT RELIEF DOES GLEE CLUB’ on iPlayer, following through a website or any other time shift or catch up service you should not vote since the lines may have closed.


As our shows contain a live phone vote, our acts will be recording their performances earlier in the day to avoid any technical issues spoiling this vote or unfairly affecting any of the performers. Due to technical requirements we will also be recording a backing vocal arrangement of all the groups which will be played in at half level only for each performance. In the shows all children will be singing live on top of this low level backing track. Most importantly all lead vocals will be live – so voters will be judging a genuine singing and dancing performance. There will be no enhancement - this is purely for technical reasons, allowing us to cover a diverse range of performers who dance as well as sing across a large stage area.


Voters must obtain permission from the bill payer before voting and phone voters under the age of 12 should obtain parent/guardian consent before voting. Make sure you carefully dial only the number of the act you wish to vote for.

Votes are only open to individuals as consumers calling from the UK, and not to any agencies, businesses and/or companies.

The BBC reserves the right to disqualify votes if it has reasonable grounds to suspect that fraudulent voting has occurred or if it considers there has been any deliberate attempt to manipulate the result. The BBC can only guarantee that votes individually entered directly through the telephone numbers promoted on the show will count.

There are a number of contingencies which could occur during or before each show, as with any other television programme. Contingencies cover withdrawal of act or judge for health reasons or other unforeseen circumstances or outside the control of the BBC. The remedial actions may include, but not be limited to changing the format of the show, including, removing, substituting or adding acts and or judges; and cancelling, suspending or altering voting at any time. In the event of any contestant leaving the competition, the BBC will decide on contingency plans as it deems necessary and appropriate to the circumstances.

For purpose of verifying any claim for refunds (where offered) or investigating possible voting irregularities, the BBC may need to request the network operator to disclose the telephone number that you are voting from. Please note that this will still be required where you have originally opted not to disclose your telephone number (caller’s line identification barring). If you do not agree to this, you should not vote.

Where such investigations are required, the BBC will only ever use your telephone number for the purposes of processing refunds or investigating possible voting irregularities and will not publish or provide it to anyone without permission, except where required for enforcement of these terms. You can read more about the BBC Privacy Policy at

The BBC, its sub-contractors, subsidiaries and/or agencies cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever for: (i) any technical failure or malfunction or any other problem with any telephone network or line, system, server, provider or otherwise which may result in any vote being lost or not properly registered or recorded; and (ii) any performers or judges leaving the show for any reason.

Please note that you cannot vote by email, red button, text, mobile app or via this website.

The voting for each show is verified by an independent verification service.

The voting in this programme accords with the BBC's Code of Conduct for Competitions and Voting, details of which can be found on the BBC's Standards and Guidelines website:

Please note that if you are directly connected in any way with the production of the programme or the provision of telephony services to the programme you are not eligible to vote.

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