Shannon Flynn who plays Kaitlyn in Dani's Castle answers questions sent in by you. Read on to find out what kind of pet dog Shannon has and whether there'll be a second series of Dani's Castle.

Hi guys! Shannon here. I'm excited to answer your questions.

How was it working with Dani and all of the crew?

It was great working with Dani and everybody because I can really look up to Dani as an actress because she's had such a great CBBC career.

Did you always want to be an actress? Or did you want to be something else?

Yes. Ever since I was about 2 and I could walk and talk I realised I wanted to do acting as a career.

What is your favourite part of being in the Dani's Castle cast?

Probably the fact that we got to work in Ireland for nine weeks in the castle and meeting all the cast and crew was lovely.

Hey Shannon can you really ride a horse and will there be a second series?

I have been horse riding but I can't ride a horse on my own. And... they are currently working on a second series!

Is the castle really haunted?

I personally never saw anything but some of the crew who were staying on site said they felt like there was 'a presence'.

I love Dani’s Castle, do you ever watch yourself on TV?

Not all the time but I have been watching Dani's Castle because I did really enjoy filming it and I speak to all the cast and crew about the episodes.

In real life when you are not acting, are you like Kaitlin, as in do you love all things sport but are clueless on girlie stuff?

I do love sport. I always used to enjoy PE and all the sports at achool but I'm a lot more of a girly girl that Kaitlyn is. I'd like to think I'm good at girlie chats.

How long did it take you to become an actress?

When I was younger I did pantomimes and amateur plays but when I signed with my agent when I was 11 that was when I became a 'professional'.

If you could be on any CBBC show, except for Dani's Castle, which would you choose and why?

That is a good question. I'd love to be in Wolfblood because I'd love to be a Wolf.

Have you fallen over while recording Dani’s Castle?

I didn't fall over luckily but Ray the camera man fell over about 4 times, doing backwards shots. It was funny but you never know whether to laugh or not.

Who is the most famous person you have met and how did you meet them?

It's probably Jedward. They were in Dani's Castle and then I did Jedward's Big Adventure as well.

If you could go back in time, when would it be?

Probably the 1960s because I like all the fashions and hairstyles that they had then. And they did a lot of dancing.

Who is your favourite member of One Direction?

Zayn because he's from quite near where I live. And I like his hair. And I think he's probably the best singer.

If you were Queen for the day, what would you do?

I would ask Beyonce to hold a massive concert for the world and it would all be free.

Will there be more ghosts joining?

Not that I know of but you never know.....

What was your experience like on Waterloo Road and how's it different to Dani's Castle?

I loved being on Waterloo Road because that was my first television job but it's different to Dani's Castle because Dani's Castle is more slapstick comedy and Waterloo Road is more serious because it's a drama.

What do you like doing in your spare time and what's your favourite subject at school?

In my spare time I like chilling out and playing with my dog. He's a French Bulldog and he's still a puppy so he's a bit naughty.
My favourite subjects at school were Dance and Drama.

Did you like travelling to Northern Ireland to shoot Dani's House?

We filmed in a tiny village outside of Belfast. I'd never been there before but I'd been to Cork. My Mum's Mum is from Cork and my Mum's Dad is from Portadown, so I have some Irish roots.

What would you do if you had a friend that's a ghost in real life?

We'd play pranks on people because the ghost would be invisible. We'd have a right laugh!

How could I get an acting job like yours when I'm older?

My best advice would be to join a drama club and practise as much as you can and then look at finding an agent. Good luck!

What is your fave ice cream flavour?

I'm quite boring so proably vanilla but if I was pushing the boat out - something with honeycomb in.

I have to go now. Thanks for all your lovely questions. I hope we can speak again soon!

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