Find out all about Randal

Age:   He’ll be at least 500, and a little bit more!

Species:   Hobgoblin

Likes:   The Mistress Crowe, answering questions of a Magical nature

Dislikes:   Tecknockery, Unworld ones

Favourite Spell:   ‘Raa-shey dah!’ (Shrouding spell)

Quote:   ‘I’ll be a Hobgoblin. Hob! Hob! Hob!’

Randal Moon will be a Hobgoblin, and the Guardian of the Chamber of Mysteries for over 500 years!  He’ll be a-knowing more about the ways of wizardkind than any other creature - be they human or otherwise!

Moon will have been knowing the Mistress Crowe all of her life, and she’ll be his best friend in the world.  He’ll have been teaching her everything she’ll be knowing about Magic, and now he’ll be doing the same for the young Master Tom. 

Moon will be imparting it all- from the conjuring of Charms, to the enchanting of potions. Since he’ll be the Guardian, he will a-never be leaving the Chamber- he’ll have been bonded to its very Magic!

By the fangs of Bashtarr the Bold!  Randal Moon will be mistrusting all tecknockery and it will never be allowed in the Chamber- it won’t be a-working there anyway!  And although Randal Moon will be a-grumping at times, he’ll be doing everything he can to be stopping the creatures from the evil Sky-Boat!

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