Find out all about Quinn Christopher

Age:   16

Species:    Human

Likes:   Football, photography

Dislikes:    Science class, English class, any class!

Favourite Superhero:    Superman

Quote:  ‘ Steady on, Clarkey!’

Quinn Christopher has been one of Tom’s best mates for years.  They both love football and ever since they were little kids had kickabouts and invented their own Fantasy Football leagues – but with monsters and superheroes!  Quinn always thought Tom was the best and luckiest player he’d ever met, but little did he know that Tom’s luck was down to one thing – Magic!

Quinn couldn’t believe it when Tom became mates with Benny ‘Benziac’ Sherwood – why would his cool mate hang out with the school geek-o-tron?  Tom was soon defending Benny from Quinn’s jibes and as they started to hang out more, Benny soon became part of the gang.  

Quinn even bonded with Benny over telescopes and photography – he wanted to one day follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional newspaper photographer. Although he didn’t know anything about Tom and Benny’s mission to defend the Earth, he realised that their friendship was important and when they weirdly seemed to stop being mates, he was there to remind them of who they really were.

Quinn is a firm friend of both Tom and Benny – though he might cheekily joke about with them, he’d do anything to help if they asked him to join their battle against the Nekross!

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