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Star of Newsround, Match of the Day Kickabout and Ultimate Sports Day, Ore, took time out of his busy schedule to answer your questions from the CBBC Messageboards .

Read on to find out who is the most favourite person he's ever met and whether he was any good at sport when he was younger!

Hi everybody!

I hope you are excited for the weekend? I am prepped and ready for your sporting questions. Bring it on!  

Hi Ore,

if you were to pick a favourite team (on USD) to win. Who do you think and why? - AmaranthBaseballPlum

Love that you've got baseball in your name...already that is Sportastic!

Unfortunately, I can't possibly answer that question, as the presenter I can't have any favourites... they are all brilliant in their own way.

Hiya Ore! My questions are: Who is the most famous person you've met? Who is your sporting hero? Bye 4 now, Sharuka -ScarletClarinetAngel

Hi Sharuka,

Helpfully I can answer both those questions in one because Mr David Beckham is easily the most famous person that I have met and I think I love him. I got to interview him three years ago for a show called Sportsround and he was amazing.

Hi Ore, What time do you have to wake-up ? IN my class they say im the fastest runner in the girls and im a bit of a sporty and tomboy,I went to this athletics tournament and i won !!! Angelina - BlueBlackMammothJedi

Wow! Angelinaa you are obviously an ultimate athlete and you would be great on Ultimate Sports Day.

As for what time I have to wake up...I always hope that it is after about midday (because I am really bad in the mornings) but usually it's around 7.30am. Sometimes I have to get up at four and I want to cry.

Hi Chad (Ore) out of thies Four shows which is the best

A : NR (Newsround)

B : SR (Sportsround)

C : MOTDK (Match of the day kickabout)

D : USD (Ultimate Sports Day)

- BlueBlackFastWallaby

Well Blueblackfastwallaby - I'll have you know Chad is a very good friend of mine who unfortunately cannot be here

You tell me as I love working on them all but I hope you're enjoying waking up to MOTD Kickabout and Ultimate Sports Day on the weekend.

Hiya, my question is, whats the bravest thing you have ever done in your whole life ?? love from katie - ViridianNaughtyPegasus

Hi Katie,

I think I'm brave everyday when I walk down the street and see a pigeon (you may or may not know that I am scared of birds)..I know... pretty brave!

P.S You may want to also ask Helen Skelton that question as I have heard she is quite brave to.

Hi Ore! This is my question: If you had a machine which could make you really good at 1sport,which sport would you choose? Dawn - IvoryChocolateWriter

Hi Dawn,

I would get this magical machine to make me the perfect gymnast. Every time that I watch gymnastics, I think these guys are real life superheroes...they're seriously strong.

Hi Ore! What in your opiuion was the best sport news of last year?? - BlackHockeyFlamingo

Hi Blackhockeyflamingo, I love Hockey - so loving your name!

Easily the best sports news of the year was England winning the Ashes in Australia. Because it was in Australia all the matches started at 11pm our time and finished at 7am in the morning. I camped on the sofa every night to watch and it was sooooo worth it.

Hello, I was just wondering that if you could be any other famous sports person for a day who would you choose?many regards demi - TopazCrankyHamster

Hi Demi,

I would love to be Jenson Button for a day because I'd love to experience the life of a Formula 1 driver and drive one of the fastest cars on the planet. I'd probably be really rubbish but it would still be fun (can't wait for the start of the new F1 season).

Where you good at sport when you were young? - BlueCheesyPrimrose

Hi Bluecheesy,

I'd like to think I was pretty good at sports when I was younger. My best sports were Rugby and Hockey and I nearly played for England at Hockey. I really wanted to be a footballer though unfortunately I was really bad but I do get to talk to footballers instead.

Ore! This isn't to do with sports but.. What do you think is the best way to get into journalism, I have read your profile on the NR website but, I don't know how I should start, I am in my schools newspaper club too.Topaz/Deedstar - TopazPuffyLily !

Hi Topaz,

Great start being part of the school newspaper club and I think what is important is to be really enthusiastic about the news. So you are on the right track. In the future try to get lots of work experience in tv, radio and newspapers, so that you learn lots and meet people. Keep an eye out for opportunities and remember to stick at it. Goodluck.

Hey Ore, Did anyone or anything inspire you to be who you are today? Aniqa - BluePoshGorilla

Hi Aniqa,

I'd say my inspiration has been the awesome Jake Humphrey. i've been watching him since he started on and always thought that he was great. He did Sportsround and Newsround before me and now is obviously the big DAWG when it comes to F1.

Now I'm really happy to say that he is a friend of mine and if I can be anywhere as near as good as he is I will be chuffed!

Thanks for all your quezzies guys. Do keep watching Newsround, MOTD Kickabout and Ultimate Sports Day...they really are awesome shows, even if I do say so myself!!!

Time for a late lunch!

Lots of Love


Thanks to everyone who sent in a question. Don't forget to keep an eye on the   CBBC Messageboards   for details of our next interview with your favourite stars!

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