Find out all about the Nekross King

Species:   Nekross, from the planet Nekron in the Korbol galaxy

Likes:   Feasting on Magic, keeping his royal warts moist

Dislikes:   Failure, waiting for fresh Magic

Base of Operations:   ‘The Starship Zarantulus

Quote:   ‘You defy me, wizard?  I who have bestrode the stars?’

Hail the Might of Nekron!  The corpulent Nekross King resides in a special chamber on the Flight Deck of the Starship Zarantulus, from where he has led his people in their campaign to drain all Magic from the universe!

Ever since taking the Nekron throne, the King has made it his priority to venture out into space to find Enchanted planets. 

There is nothing more highly valued to the Nekross than the sweet taste of recently extracted Magical energy, and the King has consumed so much of it that his body and brain have grown to a massive size!  He can now no longer move, and has to have Magic piped directly into his chamber to feed.

The King processes Magic for the people of Nekron.  He eats it raw, and then exudes a refined version of it as goo from his mouth which is collected and sent back to his home planet to feed the Nekross masses.

Such is the King’s desire for Magic that he becomes enraged when there is a lack of it!  Even though they are his offspring, Varg and Lexi know that failure is not an option.  The Nekross shall feast!

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