Find out all about Michael

Age:   42

Species:   Human

Likes:   Animals, Chinese food

Dislikes:   Cheating, The Chamber of Mysteries

Favourite Spell:   None- he’d rather do things the Unenchanted way!

Quote:   ‘You know the rule- no spells outside home.’

Michael Clarke is a very capable and practical dad, which comes in very handy when your son and mother-in-law are wizards! He’s always on hand to keep Tom’s feet on the ground, believing there’s more to life than Magic.

Michael works as a vet at the local practice, and has been raising Tom with Ursula’s help since Tom’s mum died several years before. Where Ursula has shown Tom the ways of Magic, Michael has been the strong, supportive father, guiding him in what it means to be a good man.

Michael isn’t comfortable around Magic, and never has been. He’s witnessed too many of Ursula’s spells going awry! He only enters the Chamber of Mysteries when he absolutely has to, and will avoid Hobgoblin Randal Moon as much as he can!

But he knows Tom has a responsibility to wizardkind and to the Earth, and will do everything possible to help his son in the battle against the Nekross.

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