Find out all about Mervyn the Troll

Age:  Hundreds of years old

Species:   Troll

Likes:  Trapping people in a Neverside realm, sniffing life-giving Magic!

Dislikes:   Wizards, having his breeches burnt!

Favourite Place:  His den in the basement of Wyvern House, where he keeps his mementos. 

Quote:   ‘Ahhh… Nectar of the Neverside!’

Mervyn might appear as the mild-mannered and slightly odd janitor at Wyvern House, but he was in fact a hideous Troll from the Neverside!  His duty was to guard the Never-way – a Magical portal which led to a Neverside realm.  He was tied to the portal, which meant he always had to be near it and by inhaling the Magic it exuded whenever anyone passed through he was able to live for hundreds of years.

Mervyn had been cruelly trapping people in the Nerverside realm for centuries.  In his human disguise, he’d lived and worked at the site of Wyvern House long before it became an office block.  In the days long before mankind built towns and cities, Mervyn guarded the dank cave in which the Never-way existed.  As time passed and the nearby village expanded, the cave was flattened and in Victorian times the Ambassador Hotel was built.  Mervyn worked there as a waiter and a porter, trapping victims in the realm!  Over time, hundreds if not thousands of people vanished because of this ghastly Troll!

But in trapping Tom, Mervyn got more than he bargained for.  Ursula and Benny bravely ventured into the realm to rescue Tom, and in doing so destroyed the Never-way forever!  As it collapsed, Mervyn realised his time was up and vanished in a puff of Magical smoke!   

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