Leo Houlding

Leo is one of Britain's top climbers and is amongst some of the best in the world - he has even climbed Everest! Leo specialises in free climbing (climbing using just your hands and feet) and scales some of the most challenging peaks and biggest walls in the world. Leo pushes the limits of extreme sports by taking them to the most extreme environments.

Clare Nasir

Clare started her career in weather over ten years ago and is very interested in weather and the science behind it! As well as being an award-winning weather presenter, Clare also makes other programmes about the world’s changing weather patterns. While presenting the weather, Clare was lucky enough to share her weather map with some big stars from movie star Gerard Butler to Boyzone!

Mike Theiss

Mike Theiss has spent 16 years chasing hurricanes; he was even nominated for an Emmy award for his coverage of Hurricane Katrina! Mike studied Meteorology for two years at university and has had his photography of extreme weather published in magazines.

Dougal Jerram

Also known as ‘Dr Volcano’, Dougal is a leading expert in Earth Sciences and is passionate about understanding our planet. He loves the outdoors and has travelled the world to learn the secrets of its past and present. Volcanoes are a particular favourite and you can often find Dougal hunting down hot rocks on active volcanoes!

Leah Gooding

Leah Gooding is a presenter on Newsround and has travelled the world to bring CBBC audiences up to date with some of the biggest stories. Leah has been on the front line reporting live from the London Olympics to the Philippines talking to the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan. Leah studied journalism but has a passion for all things nature; creating Wild Five, a mini-series for Newsround in which she searches the country for the UK's most endangered animals. Her keen interest in factual wildlife has also led to appearances on BBC2's Autumnwatch series, where she got up close to the European eel.

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