Find out all about Katie Lord

Age:   16

Species:    Human 

Likes:   Travelling, Tom Clarke!

Dislikes:    Being stood up, flyering for her dad!

Favourite Food:    Spicy chicken pizza with jalapenos

Quote:  ‘ Talk English, not Martian, Benny!’

Katie Lord is a classmate of Tom and Benny’s who knows nothing of their battle against the Nekross.  She’s smart, fun and caring, and has been trying to date Tom for ages – but something always seems to get in the way!  He’s often mysteriously busy or full of odd excuses… if only she knew he was defending the Earth and all of wizardkind from the Nekross!

At first Katie thought it odd when cool-kid Tom and geek Benny became friends, but she quickly welcomed Benny into the gang and backed him up when Quinn’s taunts went too far.  Katie often thought that Tom hanging out with Benny got in the way of their dates, but they were never just mucking about – they saved Katie from being gobbled by Grazlaa and put the moon back in orbit, giving them all a future, without her even knowing!  When Gemma Raven broke up Tom and Benny’s friendship, Katie was instrumental in reminding them both what great buddies they really were! 

Katie is one of Tom’s closest friends, and even though they never seem to spend enough time together, she’ll always be there to support him whenever he needs it.  One day, when the Nekross finally leave Earth, maybe Tom and Katie will be able to properly start dating!

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