Find out all about Jathro

Species:   Nekross, from the planet Nekron in the Korbol galaxy

Likes:   Pleasing the Royal family, ingenious technology

Dislikes:   Not getting Magic to eat, being unfit for duty

Base of Operations:   The Starship Zarantulus

Quote: ‘As my Excellency commands, so it is done.’

Technician Jathro Fifteen of sub-section Alpha Grex Nine is a technician-class Nekross on board the starship Zarantulus.  Sly and fawning, Jathro keeps the ship’s systems running efficiently to ensure that the Royal Family can extract as much Magic as possible!

Red in colour, Jathro was not born of royalty as Varg and Lexi were.  He craves the Magic that the King shares with his children, but being of a lower class he never gets to enjoy it himself.  Instead he takes great pleasure in preparing wizards for the Extractor, and relishes pulling the lever that extracts their Magic!  Obsequiously, he’ll then provide his masters with a Magical feast, and jealously watch them consume it.

Although he is not a warrior like Varg, Jathro used his cunning to conspire with his mother Chancellor Kooth to take control of the Nekross throne. Tom and Benny joined forces with Varg and Lexi to defeat Kooth and her armada. While his mother was devoured by the Nekross King, Jathro himself was last seen struggling for survival aboard an exploding Nekross battleship.

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