Find out all about Jackson

Age:   17

Species:    Human wizardkind

Likes:    Using Grim Magic, Meat Feast pizza

Dislikes:    Being told what to do, stuffy old wizards

Favourite Spell:    Grim Magic Banishment Charm  

Quote:    ‘Jackson Hawke. Slayer of Angry Birds.’

Jackson Hawke is a cool, confident and powerful teenage wizard, who convinces Tom that dabbling in forbidden Grim Magic will make him unstoppable and bring him everything he wants.  But Jackson soon learns that Grim Magic comes with a price…

Jackson used to live with his wizard parents Julia and John, but one Christmas he lost control and in a fit of anger used Grim Magic to banish them from their home.

Jackson had no idea where he’d sent them, and so now lives on his own- giving up school and spending his time doing whatever he likes with no-one to tell him what to do.  He has everything he could possibly desire- except a family and friends. 

Always maintaining a couldn’t-care-less façade, Jackson did in fact regret what he’d done and didn’t know how to fix it.  He also didn’t realise that using the dangerous, uncontrollable Grim Magic was slowly destroying him…

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