Find out all about Helen Clarke

Age:   35, in 2006

Species:   Human wizardkind

Likes:   Saving her family, and the world!

Dislikes:   Magic-eating aliens, missing Tom growing-up

Favourite Spell: ‘Mah-shaan-zah-dah!’ (Destroys Nekross cloning technology)

Quote:   ‘Get away from those boys, you squid-headed monsters!’

Helen Clarke was a brave and determined wizard, and caring mother to Tom.  On the 31st October 2006, she died protecting her son from what she thought was a Magical Entity.  But the truth of what happened proved to be more horrifying than Tom could’ve imagined…

As Ursula’s daughter, and member of the Magical Line of Crowe, Helen was raised learning the ways of Magic.  She became a strong and powerful wizard, and was bequeathed a powerful Magical item by her mother- an amulet with an amber stone that focussed her Magic and retained her memories.

Helen’s priority, however, has always been her family.  She would do anything to protect Tom and Michael, and she sacrificed herself to save Tom’s life.  Though as Tom was to discover, it wasn’t a Magical Entity which attacked them that night- it was a Nekross probe, sent out into the galaxy to scan planets for Magic.  During their battle the probe collected Helen’s DNA, and years later the Nekross use it to clone Helen and create a never-ending supply of wizards for extraction.

Together, Tom and Helen stopped the Nekross and Helen proudly had an opportunity to see the strong wizard that her son was growing-up to be, before passing forever ‘beyond the veil’.

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