Find out all about Gemma Raven

Age:   17

Species:   Human wizardkind

Likes:    Saving her mum, dressing like a Goth!

Dislikes:    Being double-crossed by the Nekross, hurting the Line of Crowe

Favourite Spell:    Landashen - verah - unchall - dah! (Spell of separation)

Quote:  ‘Let my mum go, and I’ll help you.’

Gemma Raven and her mum Madeline were wizards who were abducted by the Nekross, and very nearly had their Magic extracted! But Gemma could not stand by and see her mum hurt. Having heard of Tom and Benny’s valiant battle against the Nekross she stopped her mum being extracted by making a terrible deal with the Nekross – if they spared them both, she would use Magic to make Tom and Benny fall out, separating them forever…

A good person at heart, Gemma was torn by her terrible decision. For her spell she needed a drop of blood from a member of the Line of Crowe, and managed to get one from Ursula by scratching her thumb with a needle. But she hated what she was doing, as she knew the horrifying consequences. If Tom and Benny ever broke the spell Ursula would suffer a terrible fate – transforming into the unfeeling, unseeing Neverwas!

Gemma was guilt-stricken by what she’d done and was delighted when the top team of Tom and Benny broke the spell and rescued her and her mum from the Nekross! She promised only to use her Magic to defend wizardkind and became a great ally of Tom’s.

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