Find out all about Gaunt

Age:    How dare you be so impertinent!

Species:   Human

Likes:    Being in control, getting everything she wants

Dislikes:    Liars, incompetent staff!

Favourite Spell:    Whatever will bring her the Crown Jewels!

Quote:    ‘I can make you a very rich young man.’

Stephanie Gaunt is an incredibly successful and ruthless businesswoman.  She has everything that money can buy, but what she really wants is everything that money can’t buy!

Gaunt has acquired a vast fortune through the innovations of her hi-tech company Gaunt Technologies.  But no-one knows her name or who she is- she’s made sure that she’s kept completely out of the public eye.

With her great wealth she’s always been able to buy everything she’s ever wanted, but Gaunt’s greed knows no bounds and she’s determined to have anything she could possibly desire.  And she thinks that Magic can get her that…

Having heard rumours of the existence of Magic, Gaunt sets her sights on Tom, thinking that with a wizard in her employ there will be nothing to stop her becoming even more wealthy and powerful.  But when she captures the technologically advanced Lexi as well, her ambitions grow to world, and then universal, domination!  Little does she know that a wizard and an alien working together make a formidable team…

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