Gwen, Yoran and Jamie, three of the teenagers who took part in Deadly Mission Madagascar, answer questions sent in by viewers. Read on to find out out what it was like to spend five weeks without their parents and which animals they'd like to have brought home from Madagascar.

What was the best highlight of Madagascar and would you go back there?

Jamie: The highlight for me was the kids at the schools. And everything! I'd definitely go back there.
Gwen: Me too.
Yoran: I would definitely go back and the episode that's on tonight was my highlight!

How old are you and which year are you in? I just think no-one that young could be so brave! I'm just 11 and I want to try something you did!

Gwen: We're all 13 and in Year 9.
Yoran: Okechukwu, on of the other people on the mission, was 11.

How did you get onto the show?

Jamie: We applied on the website. I didn't think I was going to get in.
Yoran: Then we had a phone audition and then a real audition where we had to answer questions.

When you went without your parents was it hard?

Gwen: No!
Yoran: No!
Jamie: I found it quite hard. I missed my Mum and little sister.

Did you keep in touch with your parents?

Yoran: We spoke to them on the phone twice in 5 weeks.

Did the camera men make you laugh by doing something silly?

Gwen: Yeah! Everyone falling over!
Yoran: One of them fell over about 5 times.
Jamie: One camera person got a crab on them, that was funny.

Do people that were mean to you now respect you for being on the show?

Jamie: We were just talking about this.
Gwen: Yes! Some girls I wasn't friends with now want to be my friends.

What was the scariest thing you did/saw in Madagascar?

Jamie: The spiders on the boat and the crocodiles. I faced my fears with those. The spiders were really big. They told us we were going bird wtahcing but it was crocodiles!
Yoran: I wasn't really scared of anything.
Gwen: There wasn't anything scary but sometimes we worried about mosquitos biting us.

If you could bring one animal from Madagascar home with you, what would it be?

Yoran: A crocodile
Jamie: That is a hard question! I'd probably bring a White Ruff Lemur
Gwen: I'd bring a Bamboo Lemur.

What is it like with only small tents to camp in and bad toilets?

Gwen: It's hard to get changed in the morning. You have to do it under your sleeping bag.
Jamie: And it's quite stuffy and sweaty. But the tents made the whole experience more realistic. But the toilets were horrible - little holes in the ground.

What was the most embarrassing moment that happened to you, during your time in Madagascar?

Yoran: When we had to walk to the loo, because everyone could see you walking there.
Gwen: The shower was quite embarrassing because the door only covered some of you.

What was the most dangerous thing you did whilst on Mission Madagascar?

Yoran: Catching the Stone Fish in the boat because it's really venemous and dangerous. The guy who was driving the boat picked the fish up and started hitting it.
Gwen: And when we were fishing we had to step between all the sea urchins.

Can you tell me what it's like in the jungle? Because I really REALLY want to go. When they are looking for people to go I was thinking of signing up. However if it's a nightmare I might have second thoughts...

Yoran: It's hot.
Gwen: And amazing!
Jamie: The scenery is amazing.
Gwen: You never know what you're going to get there.

Has the trip given you any thoughts on what to do in the future?

Jamie: It's made me more want to do what I wanted to do. For exmaple, a vet for endangered animals.
Gwen: For me it's similar. I wanted to work with animals before and now I want to do it more.
Yoran: It's made me want to do something to do with wildlife TV for the rest of my life.

How hot can it get in Madagascar and how does it affect you?

Gwen: When we were seeing the turtles it was so boiling that we needed energy tablets.
Yoran: You can deal with it but the only way you can do that is just get on with it.

Would you recommend Madagascar as a holiday destination? My mum wants to know because we are planning a holiday and don't know where to go!

Gwen: Isle St Marie yes but anywhere else no.
Yoran: I'd say definitely go there.
Jamie: But sometimes tourists can wreck the natural habitat so you have to be careful.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

Yoran: Papua New Guina because it's really unexplored and there's more to see there.
Gwen: I'd go to the Amazon rainforest.
Jamie: I'd go to South Africa to the Kruger Park National Park.

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