11th March 2013

Dani Harmer, star of Tracy Beaker, Dani's Castle and Strictly Come Dancing, answers questions that you sent into the CBBC Messageboards . Keep on reading to find out what Dani's greatest acheivement has been, if she will be visiting the Dumping Ground and much more...

Who is the cheekiest person on the Dani's Castle set? - AmberSmellyDove

Dani: That would have to be Lorenzo who plays Leo, very mischevious but lovely with it

What’s your favourite food? - TealWinteryPegasus

Dani: Italian, especially pizza

Has a fan ever done anything that’s really crazy? - BlackCrunchyHamster

Dani:  I wouldn’t say crazy as all my fans seem lovely, and I’ve had some great things sent to me like portraits of me which are amazing and lots of friendships bracelets which I adore.

Do you have a pet? - PearlCupcakeSeal  

Dani: I don’t I’m afraid, I’m away too much but I would love a dog someday.

Who is your favourite TV star and why? - ByzantiumPoloSatsuma

Dani:  I have so many!!  All the cast of Glee and King of Thrones, really hard to pick a favourite, there’s so much talent on TV these days

What was it like growing up in the public eye? - BlackCuriousOtter

Dani:  Fine until I reached my teenage years, with the frizzy hair, spots and braces!!

Which did you like filming the most, The story of Tracy Beaker, Tracy Beaker Returns, Danis House or Dani's Castle? - IndigoLightningOctopus

Dani:  That is such a difficult question as I thoroughly enjoyed all of them.  I suppose TSOTB has a special place in my heart as it was the start of an amazing journey for me.  Dani’s House was particularly amazing as it was my first show named after me and I had creative input into it.

How was it learning your dance routines and rehearsing for the Cinderella pantomime at the same time? -  CrystalKindBluebell

Dani:  Extremely tiring!! I had to travel back and forwards to York as well as put in lots of training, but Vincent was an amazing support so that helped.

Will you be in any films? -  LavenderGlitteryPegasus

Dani:  I would absolutely love to do films, I’m keeping everything crossed that I get the opportunity as some stage in my career.

Could you give me some tips for auditioning? -  BlackPuffyGecko

Dani:  Always arrive on time, learn your lines and extremely important take direction and take on board any feedback you may be given.

On Dani's Castle would you be Dani or would you be any other character? Even a boy!!!! I would be you because you’re SUPER EPIC!!  - CeriseCoolDevil

Dani:  Tricky, as I can’t really see myself being any of the other characters, the actors that play them do them so well!

How fun is it filming Dani's Castle? It looks really cool - PurpleFestiveMouse

Dani:  Extremely fun and I was very fortunate to spend time in Ireland which is an absolutely gorgeous place.

I love fashion. Do you get to keep all your gorgeous clothes after the show or do you have to give them back?

Dani: Me too!!  It depends on whether I particularly like something.  I have been fortunate to keep the odd item but I’ve got my own style.

Before The Story Of Tracy Beaker, did you have an agent to find the part or did you just go to the audition  -  ScarletDancingOctopus

Dani: Yes I had an agent who put me up the role.  I had an audition, then a second audition and couldn’t believe it when I was told I had got the role!!

Because you started acting in TSOTB when you were 12, do you ever look back and say that you could've done it better? - CitrineSunshineHoneyBee

Dani:  Absolutely. Acting is something I’m very passionate about but every role you take on you learn more, I don’t think you ever stop learning”

What was your favourite thing about doing Strictly Come Dancing? - ScarletPeachyPelican

Dani: My gorgeous partner Vincent.  He made the experience so fantastic and he was my rock.  Of course the outfits were pretty special too.  I absolutely loved everything about the show to be honest.

Who is the most famous person you have ever met? - FireOpalFizzyFox

Dani: The Queen.  I was involved with her 80 th birthday celebrations at Buckingham Palace and I still find it hard to believe that I’ve actually met her.

If you could go back to any time in your childhood what time would it be and why? - TopazFestiveStarfish

Dani: I would like to go back to when I was 9 and I had my first holiday to DisneyLand in America.  I can still remember the excitement I felt and getting cuddles from Mickey Mouse.  Pretty sure if I went back now, not quite sure that childhood excitement would still be there.  Maybe I should try?

If you could choose a celebrity to come on Dani’s Castle who would it be? - LemonSingingMagnolia

Dani: Lisa Riley from Strictly Come Dancing.  She’s such good fun, we would have a great time.

What TV programme would you most like to star in? - OliveCaramelFarmer

Dani:  Dr Who.  I would absolutely love to be his assistant, that would be amazing.  Or Glee that would be fun too.

How much make up do you wear? -  BlueBlackStrongTiger

Dani:  A lot when I’m on camera, especially on Strictly.  When I’m not working I just wear the bare minimum and try to let my skin breathe.

What has been your greatest achievement yet? - AzureFurryDaffodil

Dani:   Getting a BAFTA!!  I look at it everyday on my mantel piece and feel so very proud.

Will you ever be returning to 'The Dumping Ground' to visit the children? - PearlMegaLlama

Dani:  I’ve no plans to at the moment, although I do keep in touch with the children.  They’re all so gorgeous and very talented.

What do you prefer - singing or dancing? - CrimsonCurlyConker

Dani:  Dancing and now I’ve discovered ballroom and latin even more so.

Do you always want to do children's TV or do you want to move on to more grown up programmes  -  AgateRandomGoat

Dani:  Now I’m 24 I definitely want to do more adult programmes, but you never know what’s round the corner.

Have you ever been bullied or teased at school? If not, has the public ever criticised you - SilverEnormousChipmunk

Dani:   I was fortunate not to have been bullied at school.  During Strictly I had some nasty tweets about my weight and size, but I just shrug.  I’m very tiny in real life, the TV makes you look bigger so I don’t let it get me down.

Do you like being famous? - SalmonFastOnion

Dani:  I really don’t see myself as famous to be honest.  I do a job I adore and obviously a lot of people recognize me because of that, but to me famous is Justin Bieber or Johnny Depp.  Definitely not in that league.

What is your favourite pop band? - DiamondGamingMillipede

Dani:  I’m a major Queen fan, but I like lots of other bands and music too, it’s hard to actually pick a favourite.

Do you miss playing Tracy or are you just excited to play new roles? - CreamPizzaGiraffe

Dani: Yes I do miss her, but I knew it was time to move on and yes I have a few things lined up which I’m very excited about.  Tracey will always be with me though and I’m very grateful for that.

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