To send a message or picture to the CBBC Office

You can contact Chris, Dodge, Hacker or any of the other CBBC Office presenters by emailing:  or via post to:  CBBC, PO BOX 9989, Salford, M5 0DP.

The team receive hundreds of emails and letters every day so unfortunately they cannot mention all of them on TV.

To contact CBBC TV show or star

If you have a letter or picture for a certain CBBC programme or TV star that appears in a show, send it to: 
 (CBBC Programme Name), CBBC, PO BOX 9989, Salford, M5 0DP

If you have any other queries about a show, it's a good idea to check the TV FAQs first because you may find the answer there.

To be on a CBBC show

If you are interested in appearing on a CBBC show, check the  Be On A Show  page on the CBBC website.

Not all programmes will be currently looking for participants but there will usually be at least one show looking. Make sure you check back regularly if you are looking for one show in particular.

To contact CBBC about the CBBC website

To send a message about the CBBC website please visit the Contact CBBC page but be sure to check the Website Help Page before to see if your question can be answered there.

If you have a letter for the CBBC website team send it to:
  CBBC Interactive, Floor Two, Bridge House, MediaCityUK, Salford M50 2BH

To contact CBBC about an App

To contact CBBC about an App please send an email to

To send an idea for a show

If you would like to share your new show idea with us, you should try and describe the idea in as much detail as possible and explain why you think your idea would be loved by others who watch CBBC. Make sure it’s different to anything else you’ve seen on TV and why if offers something that other programmes are missing. Once you’ve done all that, send us an email to;

To send a complaint

If you need to make a complaint, please visit the BBC Complaints website .

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