Find out all about Chloe Martin

Age:   16

Species:    Human wizardkind

Likes:   Performing ‘telekinesis’ (Magic) to a crowd, Mrs Meeks

Dislikes:    Talking about her past, being used by alien freaks!

Favourite Spell:    Shaan-vey-zah-dah! (Magical storm)

Quote:  ‘Wizards and aliens? You’re hilarious!’

Chloe Martin had no idea that she was a wizard. Her parents died when she was a baby, and she spent her childhood moving from one foster family to another – her unwitting use of Magic always causing mayhem and chaos wherever she went. It was only when she met Mrs Meeks that she found a solid home and caring guardian at Silver Woods House.

Chloe always thought that the ‘rainbow fire’ she manifested was telekinesis, and not Magic.  At first she was disbelieving of Tom when he told her of wizardkind, but he proved Magic was real when he conjured a flower for her.  Excited to have found someone like him, Chloe felt that she finally had a direction in her life.

Feisty and spirited, Chloe excitedly joined Tom and Benny as they raced to stop the Nekross and free the wizards trapped in the Television Hex studio.  With the Nekross defeated, Chloe was ready to embrace her new life as a wizard – until tragically she was captured by Varg who extracted her Magic and left her as an old woman.  

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