Find out all about Chancellor Kooth

Species:   Nekross, from the planet Nekron in the Korbol galaxy

Likes:    Encouraging the King to provide more Magic  

Dislikes:   The people of Nekron starving

Base of Operations:    The Senate of Nekron, Nekron City, on the planet Nekron

Quote:  ‘The King’s infused drool makes our people on Nekron strong.’

Chancellor Kooth has been left on Nekron to run the planet whilst the royal family scour the universe for Magic.  Kooth manages all affairs of state in the King’s absence, and ensures that the Magic sent back to Nekron is distributed to the people. But she has a lust for absolute power!

Conspiring with her son, Jathro, Chancellor Kooth engineered a cunning scheme to take control of the Nekross throne. Through their failure to provide enough Magic for the starving of Nekron, Kooth demanded a ‘Contest of Devourment’ be held between Varg and Lexi. Whoever failed to devise a plan which led to the capture of Tom Clarke would be eaten alive – by the King!

But in truth this was a huge distraction which allowed Jathro to steal the Catromeister Quatrozeen from under the King’s nose, giving his mother control of a vast armada of Nekross ships with which she planned on destroying the Earth completely and capturing the exposed Magical energy!

To defeat this common foe Tom and Benny, and Varg and Lexi joined forces. Tom’s consumption of Magic when he figured out to ‘take the salute’ gave him the power to send the Nekross armada back to Nekron, while Chancellor Kooth met a grisly fate – swallowed whole by the Nekross King!

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