How do I contact the CBBC?

If you want to contact the CBBC Office, A CBBC Show or the CBBC Website you will find all the details on the  Contacts Page

I want to be on a CBBC show

Shows which are currently looking for people to take part will be on the Be on a Show page . If a show is not there, it means that particular show is not looking for people to take part at the moment.

Watch out for trails on television or check out the Be on a Show page regularly to find out when your favourite programme is looking for contestants or people to be on the show.

However, not all shows will advertise for children to take part but will have different ways of finding contributors.

How do I become a CBBC presenter?

Getting into television is pretty difficult. There's lots of competition and it can be a matter of luck as well as ability.

Our advice for anyone wanting to get into television would be to get as many qualifications as possible. Broadcasting is a very difficult and precarious career. If you have exam passes and qualifications, you always have something to fall back on.

Another tip is to practice speaking in public to help build up your confidence. Working as a hospital DJ is a good example.

Here is an video on the BBC Careers website of former Blue Peter presenter Andy Akinwolere talking about being a presente r.

How do I audition for acting roles within CBBC?

We do not publish auditions on the CBBC website. When a CBBC or BBC Drama is cast, the Casting Director speaks directly to a multitude of agents and agencies. The agencies then put actors and actresses forward for specific parts.

So, if you are interested in acting, particularly for CBBC, your best bet is to find yourself a reputable agent and ask them to put you forward for auditions. 
We do not supply listings of agents or agencies. You could try looking contacting your local stage schools or drama group and ask them for advice.

How do I apply for work experience at CBBC?

All work experience at the BBC has to be arranged centrally. You can get more information on work experience placements by visiting the BBC Work Experience website .

Please be aware that due to Health & Safety considerations, you will need to be aged 18 or over to apply for placements with CBBC.

How can I get the autograph of a CBBC presenter/character/actor?

Unfortunately, due to the number of requests we receive, we cannot provide autographs of presenters, characters or actors who appear in CBBC programmes. 

Why isn't my favourite show on anymore?

Unfortunately, your favourite programmes can't be on all the time. Though it's not possible for us to tell you about programmes more than a week in advance, we do try and keep you up to date with what's on or what's new via TV trails and our presenters.

To check whether a programme is on, go to our What's On page - a guide to all the programmes currently showing in the next week on the CBBC Channel. To find out when your favourite show is on, find in the the full list of shows and click through to the page for that show.

Why is CBBC no longer on BBC One and BBC Two?

The children’s programmes on BBC One and BBC Two came to an end in late 2012.

The decision was made because Children watch TV in very different ways today than they did in the past and the CBBC channel is now the first port of call for the vast majority of parents and children looking for their favourite programmes.

All children in the UK now have access to digital television and our dedicated children’s channels so it feels like the right time to end the blocks of programmes on terrestrial television.

Children’s programming remains one of the BBC’s top priorities and we will continue to invest in original UK content for children on the CBBC Channel.

What time is my favourite show on?

To check whether a programme is on, go to our What's On page - a guide to all the programmes currently showing in the next week on the CBBC Channel. To find out when your favourite show is on, find in the the full list of shows and click through to the page for that show.

How do I send in my idea for a programme?

If you would like to share your new show idea with us, you should try and describe the idea in as much detail as possible and explain why you think your idea would be loved by others who watch CBBC. Make sure it’s different to anything else you’ve seen on TV and why if offers something that other programmes are missing. Once you’ve done all that, send us an email to:

Can I come to visit CBBC?

If you are interested in taking a tour of the CBBC studios, please go to BBC tours for more information.

Can you make a donation/promote to our charity fundraising?

Sadly, we are not able to contribute to your project. The BBC is a publicly funded organisation; therefore we cannot support one specific business or organisation.

Where can I find a Blue Peter make/bake/event?

Visit the  Blue Peter  website to see all the latest makes, bakes and events featured on the show. If you still can't find what you are looking for please contact the team via email:

Can I have a copy of a programme I appeared in?

To request a copy of the programme that you participated in, please visit the Contributor Access part of the BBC website.

Can I have a copy of a particular episode/programme?

Unfortunately we are unable to provide tapes or DVDs of specific programmes to audience members.

Where can I buy merchandise from CBBC shows?

Sadly we cannot deal with BBC merchandise queries, as the BBC is not allowed to recommend one retailer over another. Any well known bookshop, music or DVD retailer should be able to help you.

Are CBBC shows available to buy on DVD?

To find out which BBC titles are available to purchase on DVD, please contact BBC Worldwide .

How do I watch the CBBC Channel?

The CBBC Channel is only available on digital TV services and via iPlayer .

If you have Sky or digital satellite go to channel 613.

If you have Freeview go to channel 70.

If you have Virgin Media go to channel 701.

For more infomation about digital television and how can get it, visit the BBC Digital Services website .

How do I make a complaint about a CBBC show?

The BBC has a system of dealing with complaints from our audience. If you have a complaint for a CBBC show or website, please visit

I have a problem with the CBBC website

If you are having problems with the CBBC website please visit the Web Help  page. Should it be of a technical nature, visit the Technical Help page

I can't find the answer to my question

If you have an issue that hasn't been answered here or in the other CBBC Help sections, visit the contacting CBBC page where you will be able to find the right team to contact.

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