CBBC loves to hear from you and it seems that by the amount of letters, emails, phone calls, competition entries and texts that arrive every day, you love to get in touch with CBBC.
Have you ever wondered what happens after you've sent them? Do you want tips on how to get the most out of what you send? Take a look around this handy guide to find out more.


Competitions: CBBC usually offers a number of competitions but you may have heard in the news that we have decided to stop doing them whilst we check that they're being run correctly.

We are stopping all current competitions when they reach their closing dates. It's really important to us that everything is fair and that you know exactly how these competitions are run if we launch new competitions in the future. So we're checking all our rules and guidelines and will report back here we have more news. Watch this space.

Information Requests

Information Requests: There are often different ways to contact different programmes or websites. There could be a postal address, an email address, a message board, web form, or sometimes text or landline phone numbers.

If you ask for information we will try to find the answer for you as soon as we can. However, we get many requests so it isn't always possible to do this straight away.


BBC Children's takes complaints very seriously. If you write to us by email or letter, we aim to send an answer within 10 weekdays. If you phone us with a complaint we try to resolve it directly.
If you would like to complain about a BBC Children's service that has affected you please click here .


Some CBBC programmes or websites hold votes from time to time. The exact way you vote can vary but will usually be via a website, phone lines or by sending a text message.
There is sometimes a limit on the number of votes you can make from a particular computer or phone. This is to prevent a single person voting too many times which can lead to an unfair result.

Tips for Voting:

  • Make sure you check when voting lines open and close. If you vote outside these times then it won't count.
  • Check you have the correct details, such as the phone line or number to send your text message vote.
  • Make sure that you are aware of exactly how many votes you can make.
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