More about the external links on CBBC sites, the BBC's plug-in disclaimer policy and further advice about online safety.

External Links

All external links which appear on CBBC sites are carefully checked on a regular basis by CBBC experts.

However, any sites that don't begin with are not controlled editorially by the BBC, and the BBC cannot take responsibility for the content of these sites.

If you find that we've linked to something which you feel is inappropriate, please contact us immediately. We will investigate and if necessary, remove the offending link.

CBBC Registration and Sign in

The CBBC Message Boards and some CBBC games and websites require the user to register with CBBC to creat a log in. This is so that CBBC can store the game scores, progress and message board username. We do not store any more data than what we need or share your data with anyone else.

If you want to know more about how the BBC uses any personal details please see online at

If you would like your details removed from the CBBC site please contact us .

Stay Safe Online

For more information and advice about helping your child learn about online safety, please visit the Parenting guide to Internet safety . We also have some tips aimed for children at the CBBC Stay Safe section.


Some games and other content across CBBC require additional third party software to be able to play or take part. For more information about downloading these plug-ins to your computer, please read the BBC's plug-in disclaimer policy .

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