Honey - The First Blue Peter Guide Dog

So, you might have heard that here at Blue Peter we're getting a new Guide Dog puppy to look after!

Well, you might be suprised to hear that it's not the first time Blue Peter has helped look after a Guide Dog puppy!

Look at these cute photo's of Honey! She was the first Blue Peter Guide Dog puppy way back in 1964! (They didn’t always have colour TV’s back then!)

Honey was the first Guide Dog to be looked after by Blue Peter presenters, Christopher Trace and Valerie Singleton

Try asking a grandparent you know if they remember them being on Blue Peter!

In 1964 Blue Peter launched one of our famous appeals to help raise funds to buy and pay for training of guide dogs.

They asked viewers to send in their old tin foil wrappers and milk tops - they were overwhelmed with people wanting to help that within the first few weeks they were able to buy Honey and pay for her training. 

Honey loved being in the studio and especially chewing everything in sight!

She tried chewing Val’s shoes and Chris’s jumper; she even went after another pet on the show – Jason the cat! Luckily he jumped out of her way and knew Honey was only playing!

As Honey grew she learnt how to ‘sit’ and 'stay’ and understood how to behave in busy places. But her most important role was to learn how to be a Guide Dog. 

After a while it was time to say goodbye to Honey!

Although everyone at Blue Peter had become very fond of Honey they knew she had a much more important job to do and had to go away to complete her Guide Dog training.

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