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How can I earn a Blue Peter Badge?

We award badges to 6-15 year olds who send us an original piece of work. This could be an interesting letter (probably over 50 words), picture, drawing, project, poem, story, something you’ve made or anything at all.

If it’s imaginative and you are proud of it, we want to see it!   We are especially keen on seeing things you’ve made after you’ve seen it on the show or website, or if you send in ideas and suggestions for us to use on Blue Peter. 

Don’t forget to include your full name, date of birth and home postal address and postcode (not your school address).

Post your entry to:

Blue Peter

1st Floor, Bridge House

MediaCity UK

M50 2BH

Or email:

How many badges are there?

There are 7 badges in total, find out about them all here .

What can I do with my Blue Peter Badge?

Wear it with pride!

Once you receive your badge and badge card you can gain free entry to over 200 attractions across the UK, find out more here!

I’m still waiting, where’s my badge?

We’re really sorry if there’s been a delay.

We aim to answer your letters and emails within a few days of receiving them. However, sometimes we have a particularly large postbag, so it may take us a bit longer. Please allow up to 60 days to hear back from us.

Should I have a Badge Card yet?

Unless you have been instructed in your letter to apply for a badge card, which you can do here , it will automatically be sent to you. Please allow up to 60 days after you have received your badge. 

Can my school or club apply for badges?

Yes! Group applications are fine, but your teacher or club leader will need to supply the full name, home address and date of birth of each person in your group, otherwise we can’t send you badge cards.

What happens if I lose my badge or Badge Card?

Take care of your badge and Badge Card. Unfortunately we cannot replace them if they are lost, but you can send us another application to earn a new one. 

Will my work be shown on the programme?

We get hundreds of letters every week, and we can only show a few at a time.  However, the more effort you put in and the better your application is, the more you increase your chance of being selected. 

How do I enter a competition?

Whenever we have a competition, we put up the rules for that competition on the Blue Peter website.  The ways of entering can be a bit different each time.

If you are a competition winner or runner-up, you will receive an Orange Badge.

Can I nominate someone for a Gold Blue Peter Badge?

Yes, but please think very carefully first.

Gold Badges are extremely rare and special. They are only awarded in very exceptional circumstances such as profound bravery, saving someone’s life or representing your country.

I can't find an answer to my question.

Drop us an email us at  and we’ll get back to you.

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