Find out all about Benny

Age:   17

Species:   Human

Likes:   Science experiments, his robot collection

Dislikes:   Playing sports, Magic-eating aliens

Favourite Experiment:   Anything that goes BOOM!

Quote:   ‘These are aliens, Tom. That’s not hocus pocus-it’s science. You need me.’

Benny Sherwood is a genius!   He’s the star science student at King’s Park High, which is all that’s kept him from being expelled after the odd experiment has gone wrong with explosive results!   And very soon he’s putting that knowledge to good use- saving the Earth!

Benny’s a geek, and never been very popular at school. But when he discovers Tom’s a wizard, the two boys become best friends and unite their different abilities to save the Earth from the Nekross.

Fascinated by their advanced science, Benny proves invaluable at figuring out clever ways to combat or use Nekross technology! And he’s always trying to understand Magic- Benny’s certain that there must be a rational explanation for it…

When Tom drank the extracted Magic aboard the Zarantulus and was overwhelmed with awesome power, it was Benny who bravely stood up to him. Benny reminded Tom of the strength of their friendship, helping Tom to let go and bringing his best friend back from the brink. No matter how desperate the situation, Tom knows that Benny will always be there for him.

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