Find out all about Benny Jr

Age:   6

Species:   Wizardkind  

Likes:   Playing footbal , the Satyr

Dislikes:   Strange portals to other realms...

Favourite Spell:    Mah-gaan-dah! (Football redirection)

Quote:  ‘Mum – the forest is my friend. There’s nothing scary there.’

Benny Jr. was born in a Neverside Realm when his parents Tom and Lexi (transformed into the human Lucy) were trapped there for 20 years. Benny Jr. grew up in a Magical forest where he practised casting spells with his dad and was taught to become a great hunter by his mum. He also had a secret best friend – the beastly Satyr who he taught how to speak, and with whom he played in the forest.

When Ursula and Benny arrived in the Neverside Realm to rescue Tom, he could never have guessed the terrible consequences their actions would have.  In order to save the mortally wounded Satyr – really Varg transformed – Tom, Lucy and Benny Jr. tried to leave the Neverside Realm and return to the Dayside.  But as they crossed the threshold of the Neverway, Tom and Lexi were returned to how they were before they entered the realm, and Benny Jr. vanished – unable to exist on the Dayside.  Devastated at the loss of their child, Tom and Lexi thought they’d never see him again…

But when Tom drank raw, extracted Magic he became an all-powerful wizard!  After banishing a Nekross fleet back to Nekron, he saved Lexi’s life by sending her to Earth as human Lucy, and brought Benny Jr. into existence to live with her on the Dayside.   Now Benny Jr. and his mother are out there somewhere on Earth, having new adventures of their own! 

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