Find out all about Alicia Ferguson

Age:   17

Species:    Human

Likes:   Video games, mad mysteries!

Dislikes:    Unpleasant bosses, being in an actual scary situation!

Favourite Video Game:    Buck Warren and the Last Hutch on the Left

Quote:   ‘This is my investigation, remember?’

Alicia Ferguson was an inquisitive and forthright geek, gamer and investigator of mysteries!  She’d left school and taken her first job as the receptionist at Psyke Games – not just because she loved playing video games, but because Wyvern House was an office block with a mystery.  People had been disappearing for decades, and Alicia was going to get to the bottom of it…

Alicia loved video games because she thought they were much more interesting than the real world.  As well as designing her own games, Alicia was a fan of the Buck Warren P.I. series of games that Psyke Games produced, along with sci-fi titles like Star Spy .  She often fell foul of Mrs Hatcher’s grumpy temperament, but never let that put her off solving the mystery.  When Benny arrived at Psyke Games and immediately found a weird tooth in the lift, Alicia was happy to let him tag along in her investigation.

But on meeting the Nekross, wizards, and a hideous troll that tried to take her and Michael hostage, Alicia decided that she preferred her excitement and scares to be virtual rather than real!  She’d much rather battle aliens in a video game than face them in an office block!

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