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Last updated: 30 March, 2011 - Published 17:45 GMT
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The day the Americas came to the Caribbean
President Obama addresses 2009 Sumit of the Americas in Trinidad

Traffic stopped, people waited to see Obama, security was at its tightest ever.

As the first major Americas outing for a newly-elected President Barack Obama came to Port of Spain, the whole region looked on.

2009 was time for the Caribbean to strut the world stage - for the right reasons.

Cuba dominated the agenda of the Organisation of Americas Summit even though its leader Raul Castro was not invited.

Trinidad and Tobago spent a large sum in advance of the Summit preparing for what would be a bumper year ending with the Commonwealth Summit also in the Trinidadian capital.

The ruling People's National Movement (PNM) party later paid for both the large spend and taxes to recoup money afterwards in general elections the following year.

Cuba, the global recession, and security topped the bill in discussions.

In the end, however, leaders from North America, latin America and the Caribbean failed to agree on many of the issues and Trinidad's Prime Minister Patrick Manning rounded up attendees for a photo opportunity as television pictures showed President Obama's entourage heading to Piarco airport.

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20 April, 2009 | News
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