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Last updated: 02 March, 2011 - Published 13:32 GMT
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Which Caribbean bands would you re-unite?
Ed Watson
Ed Watson and the Brass Circle have accompanied numerous calypsonians
The music industry is abuzz with long disbanded groups reforming - some for one-off events - which more often than not evolve into full tours.

Judging from BBC Caribbean's ongoing forum on 're-uniting old bands' many people are in favour of of a Caribbean version of this trend.
(See postings below)

One of the bands very much in demand to recapture their Caribbean and international prominence is Ed Watson and the Brass Circle of Trinidad and Tobago.

They had hits like Hot Soca, Boogie Woman, Just a Little Bit and accompanied on numerous others.

The band which had hits from the late 60s and into the 70s and 80s, faded out somewhat in the 90s but are still playing, although not on the same scale as they did before.

The man behind the band is Ed Watson and he's been telling BBC Caribbean's Mike Jarvis the story of the creation of one of the biggest and most enduring soca hits to ever come out of the region: Sugar Bum Bum by Lord Kitchener, with music arranged by Ed Watson and the Brass Circle.

Your suggestions

I would like to see Les Difficiles De Petion-Ville of Haiti. I grew up with that band and they were very good.
Reynald Albert
Romeoville, USA

I would like to see the reuniting of the Gaylords the Merrymen
New Jersey & Dominica

I am hoping that Boo and the Tru Tones and Survival would make a comeback soon. They were indeed two of the best bands from St. Lucia.
Arturo Valentino
Bridgetown, Barbados

Lennie N. Fleary of Toronto, Canada would like to see the Tropical Islanders of Barbados perform together again.

Five Fingers: what wonderful combo music.
Keith Greenidge
Toronto, Canada

Boo and the Tru Tones on stage with Bill-o-Men, Grammacks, Exile 1 and Midnight Groovers. Maybe I should just go to Dominica again this year for WCM.
Cecil St. Jules
New Jersey USA

My favourites would be Joseph Niles and the Consolers(of Barbados) The Gaylords Power Union of from Dominica, Draytons 2 and Merrymen (also Barbados) Tradewinds and the Milestones from Dominica.
Clayton Florent
Baie Mahault, Guadeloupe

Seventeen Plus, Imagination Brass, BUT MOST ALL THE ORGINAL BURNING FLAMES.

Bring back Malavoi, Les Aiglons and Les Freres Dejean. Thanks!
Lashaawn Garnes
Jersey City, NJ

The group that I would really like to hear live again if ever it was possible would be "The Tropical Islanders" out of Barbados. The Caribbean and many West Indies people may not remember them, but I think that they were a Barbados super band.
Jeff Shepherd
Bridgetown, Barbados

Rockafellas, Casanovas (even without Monty Williams)from T&T, Fantastics and BRC from Barbados.
Toronto, Canada

I would love to see Seventeen Plus Band from the USVI
Marcus L Natta
St Kitts

I would like to see Ed Watson (Trinidad and Tobago) GI Brass (St Kitts) and Laviscount Brass (Antigua).
Winston Watkins
Baltimore, U.S.A.

I agree that Ed Watson and the Brass Circle was one of the best. However my favourites were Latinnaires(St Vincent) and Swinging Stars (Dominica).
Wade Williams

Sure we would to hear the bands of our youth all over again...regardless of whether the band members have moved on!
Guinness Cassanovas would be my choice to return. I wasn't old enough to get to one of their shows when they were making hits !!!

I would love to see Ellie Matt & the GIs Brass, Grand Ash 2, Heatwaves from St Kitts as well as Imaginations of St Thomas, Virgin Islands.
Clement O’Garro
Manila, Philippines

Yes,I would like to see groups like Ed Watson’s Band re-energized. They have done Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean audiences around the world proud and happy. Best regards

Alpha W. King,
Panama City, Panama

X-A-DUS out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. That was a GREAT BAND...DISTINCT and VINTAGE Vincy SOUND. And I would like to see the band TOUCH out of St. Vincent and the Grenadines as well.
Osborne Vermont
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

O yeah, (Ed Watson ) Brass Circle of Trinidad
T Dhanpaul Markham
Guyana and Canada

Bring back the cadence bands of the 70s including Les Anglais.
Charlotte Amalie

Kalyan, oe of the Best Trinidad bnds of the 1970s & 80s. GI Brass(De Brass Int.) i.e. Ellie Matt & the GIs Brass without Ellie Matt
Gairy Knight
Basseterre, St. Kitts

Boo and the Tru Tones, Merry Makers, Quavers - all from St. Lucia. And of course, Draytons Two of Barbados.
Solomon Alexis
Gros Islet St Lucia

Why not a "NostalgiaFest" taking in Swinging Stars, Boo and the Trutones, Exile One, the Merrymen, Byron Lee, Dutchy Brothers, Tradewinds and Grammacks? There are still enough of us Oldie Goldies around to make it a well- attended event!
Kaichay Knights
Roseau, Dominica

I know lots of people will not remember Casimir Brothers from Dominica and the Dutchy brothers from Trinidad.
Alvin Serrant
Roseau, Dominica

They have given us some great sound and music. I want more.
Toronto, Canada

Luv Sounds, Weevils, Teenage Thrillers and 4 Fantasies - great Grenadian bands.
Pele Darbeau
St. George, Grenada

I would like to see the band Touch from St. Vincent and the Grenadines perform again!
Ali Clarke
Toronto, Canada

It would be cool to see Grammacks from Dominica perform somewhere out there.
Sheldon Peter
Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Boo and the Tru-Tones of St Lucia, Belles Combo of Dominica and Ed Watson and the Brass Circle of Trinidad and Tobago.
Mervin Sainte Luce

I would love to see Moss International of Grenada reunite. I personally think that they are the ones responsible for propelling calypso music to a higher level in Grenada.
Byron Cameron
Montreal, Canada

I would like to see The Gaylords(of Dominica. Ed) re-unite at least for a tour
Victor Benoit
Charlotte Amalie, St Thomas, USVI

Belles Combo from Dominica: I would like them to make a comeback even is a one off show, that would be nice.
Tyron Etienne
London, UK

Laviscount Brass of Antigua not only gave us good music but made us feel we were playing with them.
Vere Scotland
Florida, USA

BRC(Blue Rhythm Combo of Barbados. Ed), The Merriboys (Barbados. Ed). What ever became of Lloyd Wilson? (Awesome on a Hammond!!!)
Jim Webster

An Exile One reunion would be a real treat. They were one of the best from Dominica.
Florida, USA

Moss International (they are no longer functioning). Harmonies Brass -Grenada - is still going strong.

Laforce Uralis
Little Ferry, NJ, USA

As a Lucian I should be backing the Tru-Tones: Boo is still around doing his "Jazzy" stuff, but for real 70's nostalgia it's got to be The Draytons Two!
Terry Charles
St Lucia

My favourites were Boo and the Tru-Tones, Exile One and the Draytons Two!
London, UK

ELLIE MATT and the GI'S band of the 60's,70's and early 80's...St Kitts has produced the best musicians and bands ever.
Woosey Rawlins
Basseterre, St Kitts

Ellie Matt and the GI's Brass of St Kitts......By far the best
Richard Berridge
Basseterre,St. Kitts

Mastamind of St.Vincent
Errol Stephens
Richmond, VA,USA

Ed Watson and the Brass circle of Trinidad, Heet waves of St.Kitts, Gemmini Brass of Trinidad.

I would like to see Grand Ash 2 of St.Kitts
Ace, London, UK

It would be great if they have a music festival with all those old bands.
Oral Corbin
Jersey City, New Jersey

Dave Martin and the Tradewinds definitely
Writer from Georgetown, Gyuyana
(The Tradewinds are still performing. Ed)

There are a number of bands I would like to see reunite. Some of these are The Escorts, Super eight, Blue Rhythm Combo all from Barbados to name a few.
Ralph Doughty
Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos Islands

Roots, Stems and Branches - R.S.B - from Dominica

The Vibrations of Virgin Gorda BVI
Charlotte Amalia
St. Thomas USVI

17+ of the USVI and Spice and Company of Barbados.
K Saddler
South Florida, USA

There are too many of us who have lost our "Caribbean identity".We need to go back to our roots.
Ormond Robertson
Snellville, GA

Five Fingers Combo OF Trinidad and Tobago

Venard Phillips
Washington DC, USA

I’d like to see Ellie Matt and the G.I.S brass together again.
Brian Jean-Jacques
Leicester, UK

I would like to see the Quavers Orchestra, St. Lucia
Susan Stanislas
Los Angeles, USA

Are the following musical groups/bands still together?
1. Byron Lee and the Dragonnaires from Jamaica (Yes. Ed)
2, Burning Flames from Antigua (Yes. Ed)
3. Moss International from Grenada. (Don’t know. Ed)
Michael Cadore
Gulfport, Mississippi, USA

Rhythm Riders of Birchgrove, St. Andrews Grenada & Black Experience of St. George's
Atlanta, USA

I would like to The Outfit of Barbados and Exuma from the Bahamas.
Sam Clarke
New York City, USA

Yoruba Singers from Guyana, there were the best. Along with Toots they were the highlight of Carifesta 72.

I would like to see the band "Tropical Islanders" of Barbados reunite.
Luther Renee
Frederiksted, St. Croix, USVI

Boo & The Tru Tones. One of the best during their time.
Statham Prudent
Castries, St Lucia

Bankie Bankx and Roots and Herbs of Anguilla
Thora Johnson
Brades, Montserrat

Please give me some Boo and the Tru Tones along with the Swinging Stars as a St.Lucian I enjoy them both.
Lisa B
Hollywood, Florida

Most definitely, Boo and the TruTones
Castries, St. Lucia

Bands from Jamaica: Tomorrow's Children, Sid and The Slickers and The Tenors
Zanail Samad
Brampton, Canada

Ed Watson and the Brass Circle of Trinidad.
Hugo McDonald
Düsseldorf, Germany

Laviscount Brass of Antigua. A fantastic band with a killer brass section.
George Town, Grand Cayman

Exuma from the Bahamas
Oliver Mckenzie

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