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Last updated: 13 January, 2011 - Published 17:59 GMT
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Haiti earthquake anniversary:Tent Tales
damaged building

One year on from the 7.0 magnitude earthquake which devastated Haiti, BBC Caribbean has been asking Haitians to tell their stories.

BBC Caribbean's Marie-Claire Williams visited Haiti for the Tent Tales series.

TENT TALE: Old and without a family

elderly woman outside tent

70-year-old Sabetile Alson lost her children in the earthquake.

She talks about her "new family" who care for her in the tent city.

TENT TALE: Crowded in a tent

Nirlande Secius, makes her living as a vendor.

She provides for her family and tries to fit them all into a small tent.

TENT TALE: A business success story

Roudy Colin is an example of resourcefulness for surviving in post-quake Haiti.

He works with visiting journalists and runs a small wholesale business selling drinks to retailers.

TENT TALE: Seeking work

Jean Baptiste Williams is a carpenter who has found it difficult to find work since the earthquake.

He says that food is sometimes hard to come by.

TENT TALES: Safer in tent community

Rosaline Seme

27 year old teacher Roseline Seme lives with her husband and five year old daughter in her tent.

Even though it leaks, she feels safer in her tent community than in her previous accomodation.

"We have not seen any improvement"

The radio version of Tent Tales can be heard all this week on BBC Caribbean Report.

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