BBC Haiti programme wins award

In the immediate month after Haiti's devastating earthquake, BBC Caribbean, BBC News, and the World Service's Trust foundation came together to broadcast a lifeline programme.

That programme won an award on Tuesday night for Best Radio coverage of a single news event from the Association of International Broadcasters (AIB).

The AIB citation read: "a lifeline to the survivors of the Haitian earthquake – exactly the sort of thing that international broadcasters can do so well when disaster strikes".

The series of daily 20-minute programmes in Haitian creole sought to provide basic information to Haitians to help them locate medical aid, food and water supplies in the aftermath of the 12 January quake.

From our archives: January 2010

The production team brought together the production capabilities of BBC News, BBC Caribbean, and reporters on the ground in Port-au-Prince.

The show's presenters were Haitians living in Miami.

Connexion Haiti 23/01/2010

Listen to the 25/01/2010 programme

In addition to the basic lifeline information, the programme helped to help people make contact with loved ones and also allowed Haitian musicians abroad to provide relief and some entertainment for those back home.