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Last updated: 29 October, 2010 - Published 16:38 GMT
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Your tributes to Gregory Isaacs
Gregory Isaacs
Gregory Isaacs: 1951-2010
Reggae legend Gregory Isaacs died Monday morning after a battle with lung cancer.

Isaacs, who was 59 years old, died on Monday morning at his home in London where he spent part of his time.

He was surrounded by three of his eleven children and his wife Linda Isaacs who told BBC Caribbean that he passed away peacefully.

Neil Nunes of BBC Caribbean interviewed Gregory Isaac's wife, Linda, on her husband's passing.

The Jamaican reggae singer, who was nicknamed the Cool Ruler, was best known for the song 'Night Nurse'.

Jamaica's Minister of Culture, Olivia "Babsy" Grange, told BBC Caribbean that Isaacs was a pioneer and paid tribute to him for his vast contribution to reggae music as a singer, songwriter, producer and promoter.

Earlier this year, the reggae legend was featured in the BBC's Caribbean Masters series.

Some of your comments sent via e-mail to BBC Caribbean (This has now closed but Thank You for your kind comments during the week)

May he rest in Peace. I am one of his fans and he will be one of the greatest men in the reggae history. I was saddened when I heard of his death and am still sad. He had this melodic singing voice tone and swag that was cool. May God bless he and his family in whom he has left behind. I am glad that he died in peace.
Real Ford
Temple, USA

Me and my children grow up on your music. You will be dearly missed. The Cool Ruler is what you are. There is no other like you GI. The world of music has lost a great man, with a humble heart.
Blessed Love
Ms P
London, UK

A true legend of lovers rock reggae music. His contribution to the industry cannot be overemphasized. The world is gonna miss you. Peace.
Advertus Smith
Monrovia, Liberia

Gregory was a cool ruling 'permanent loving' who has now 'soon forward' to cross 'the border' and go through the 'front door'. Gone but never forgotten. God bless him and R.I.P.

Gregory will be missed immensely. He was not just 'Mr Night Nurse' but a very talented artist who sang music that influenced both the young and mature together!
Marie Simpson

You have now crossed the border G.I. I will be listening to you when I get there. Honour internally. Jah blessings are with you.
Legh Gibbs
London, UK

He was the first reggae artist I listened to some 25 years ago. Because of him my love for reggae has grown over the years
Pawtucket, USA

Alongside Dennis Brown ('your blood brother'), you were the best lovers rock crooners. Red rose for you....R.I.P, Gregory Isaacs.
Chiwama Musonda
Lusaka, Zambia

I grew up with him may he rest in heavenly peace with his brother Bob and the rest.
Neal Bandydread
Fyzabad, TNT West Indies

Gregory was always a showman on stage and a real crowd pleaser. Night Nurse was such a huge hit here in the islands. The industry has lost another musical giant. His music will live on forever.
Anthony Foster
Nassau, Bahamas

GI, the legend never dies. You have left us with undeniable historic and cultural artefacts. The world mourns your passing. R.I.P!
Grenada People
St. Andrews, Grenada

Thank you for being my dad I will miss you. Thank you, thank you. RIP
Carl Rich
Brooklyn, USA

It is indeed very sad to hear of the passing of a true Lovers' Rock icon. I enjoyed his songs greatly particularly 'Rumours' and 'Night Nurse.' The line which stood out from all his songs to me was "I give a hand to the wicked with caution". RIP brother Gregory.
George Maxwell
Roseau, UK

A true legend of reggae music, his songs always remind me of good times as a child and I still listen to them now. Will be missed but never ever forgotten. My thoughts are with Gregory’s wife and children. R.I.P cool ruler
Amanda Dunn
Leighton Buzzard, UK

I was saddened to hear that one of reggae's greatest artists has passed away. I rank him with my other favourites of Bob Marley, Dennis.E.Brown, Sugar Minnot. Thanks for the music, memories and the days when a night out at weekends (Gossips 69 Dean street, London was not complete until anyone of those 4 artists was played. (Night Nurse, The Border, Cool Down, Sitting and Watching, Here I come, etc) Rest In peace - never to be forgotten
Stanley Marrast
Luton, UK

Always near the top of the list of my favourite singers, you were pretty much guaranteed a decent GI tune in the 70s and on into the 80s - a shame the voice faded during the 90s, but 2004's OPEN THE DOOR album is always guaranteed to please.
I've not heard a JA tune in over a week (I'm away on holiday), but open the door will be one of the first I play when I get home.
Joe Lawrance
Chersey, UK

My deepest condolences to Linda and children. Me and his music go way back, his music helped me out through the most difficult times in my life. It still does and always will. The Cool Ruler, a True Legend. My heart is heavy with sadness but I know he is not suffering any longer. Much Love and thank you Gregory! You will always be on the top of my list.
Joe Medina
Albuquerque, USA

Gregory was a living legend, a reggae superstar, one of a kind. A man who inspired others. I was so lucky to meet him we will miss you. God bless you
Howard Brown
Birmingham, UK

Jamaica has lost a musical icon and there might never be another reggae singer like Gregory who can write so many hit songs
Fitz Davis
Negril, Jamaica

I extend condolence to Mrs Isaacs & the Isaacs family. My heartfelt sympathy to the lost of a true legend he was a icon for sweet reggae music you would be surly miss, love overdue and night nurse two of my favourite tune will live on. May you R.I.P
Jerome Benjamin
Leeds, England

GI was one of the best artists to come out of Jamaica as said before RIP, sympathy to his family but be comforted to know he was truly loved by many many people even them that didn’t know him were moved by his lyrics & music Jah Bless - Rastafari
London, UK

I cannot believe that you have left us Gregory. I grew up listening to your music. I still play your songs every day. My prays and my heart goes out to Mrs Isaac & the family. God bless you, sweet Gregory.
You will be sadly missed in a huge way.
The cool ruler, there will be no other like you.

It is without saying that the World will miss "The Cool Ruler" spreading the Rumours about the power of Love through Reggae music. Many Blessings upon His Family, and may he rest in peace.
Clayton Ray
Milwaukee, USA

I was very sad to hear of Mr. Isaac's passing but I take solace in the belief that he is now singing three-part harmony, with Bob, and Peter!
Patrick Kelly
Arlington, USA

R.I.P my brother. You will be greatly missed. Your music however will live on in our hearts and minds and on the airwaves. You brought joy to my heart when I listened to your lyrics. Peace and Love in ah Babylon
Palm Bay, USA

So sorry to hear of the passing of Gregory. His music will live on in the hearts of many.
Gloria Pierre
Bedford, UK

Its sad to know that you already left, Mr Cool Ruler ,your lovers rock music shall live in the Halls and Homes forever. Rest in peace and there is no substitute for you.Y our music shall be played longer than expected.
Okwero Boniface
Eld, Kenya

'Bleached it' many times at Treehouse and Biggers West-end Negril JA in the 70's and 80's waiting for Mr. Cool to sing. Jah has called another warrior home. RIP Jah Gregory and deep condolences to his wife and family.
Sister Bev Pratt
Kalamazoo, MI, USA

You will be dearly missed, you were a great entertainer god bless and R.I.P one love.
Maureen Phillips
Birmingham, UK

I will miss you Mr Lover, rest in peace

Thanks for every single song
Andi Figge
Moers, Germany

Gregory Isaacs's contribution to reggae music was monumental and also helped shape its evolution. In 1973 he co-founded the African Museum record label with Errol Dunkley producing his first major hit ‘My only lover’ credited as the first lovers rock ever made. 1974 gained him world wide recognition with the release of ‘Love is over due’ his first number one tune in Jamaica. His distinctive and unique voice oozed tranquillity, which made him one of the coolest sounding vocalists on the planet, hence the name ‘The Cool Ruler’ stuck with him after releasing said album in 1978. Another alias was "Lonely Lover"

Throughout his career he released a string of hits too many to mention but among my favourite are, ‘Tune In’, ‘Permanent Lover’,’dreadlock love affair’, ‘Soon Forward’, ‘Border’ ‘Number One’, ‘Love me with feeling’, ‘Night Nurse’, ‘Front Door’, ‘Poor Millionaire’, ‘If I don’t have you’ and ‘What a feeling’ just to name a few. His music was a source of comfort and pleasure to many of us. Aside from being a top class lovers rock singer he also showed his militant roots side with tracks like ‘Black a kill black’, ‘Universal Tribulation’ Tribute to Waddy’ and many more. His voice is not just associated with reggae, it was reggae. I like to think of him as ‘Greg-reggae-Issacs.”

He has truly earned his place along side the greats Robert Nesta Marley and Dennis Emmanuel Brown.

We have lost another massive icon to the reggae world and we thank him for all the inspiration he gave us and will continue to give us through his music that will last forever.

May he rest in peace. Bless
David Harry
London, UK

Gregory Isaacs was one of my favourite reggae artists of all times. I am a huge reggae fan. He actually gave me "goosebumps" with his golden voice, condolences to his family, and his music will definitely live on.
Anthea Le Blanc
Roseau, Dominica

Gregory we will miss you dearly...the music you left us will forever stay with us. I remember performing on the same stage with you in Washington DC and I will forever cherish that memory...Rest In Peace Cool Ruler!!!
JoJo Mac
Philadelphia, USA

I want to send out my deepest condolence to his wife, kids and family in this time of sorrow, Mr Cool was and still remain one of the best singer in the world and I hope his son will continue where he left off. R.I.P Mr Cool we all miss you
John Anthony Jones
Brooklyn, USA

So sorry to here about the death of Gregory. He will be missed. May his soul R.I.P
Helena Samuel
High Wycombe, UK

Simply irreplaceable. Your music, your voice, your vibe. Rest easy Mr. Cool Ruler. Sad to know that you're leaving.
Tamico Gilbert
Nassau, Bahamas

I am messed up, Gregory you have been my number 1 for a long time since I was a little girl growing up in Jamaica, at least 30 years. I will miss you much.
Margaret Mitchell
Southampton, Bermuda

Yet another of my favourite artists to depart from this world. May you and Bob keep the music going in heaven until we meet again.
Rest in Peace
London, UK

Loved u since I was a kid... the Cool Ruler gone but never forgotten...
Birmingham, UK

My idol from way back, if you are old-school and into your culture I need not say how this man inspired me and my generation. He has gone but will never be forgotten.
Ervin Hall
London, UK

I am very saddened to hear of Gregory's death, but he has moved on to a better place and the suffering has ended. He has left us with his soft melodic reggae to sooth our pains in life. He was one who made the older generation appreciate the music of our culture in Jamaica and I hope and pray younger artist will follow his vibes of a cool, soave, and clean music that is none violent and none provocative sex. He will be missed but his music will live on. May the Most High YAH less his family and strengthen then in their loss
Dael B'Yisrael
Florida, USA

Gregory you will be truly missed. I remember I climbed through my bedroom window to and see you in Finsbury Park 1981. Love to the Cool Ruler and his family.
Sharon Fox
Sunrise, USA

So sad to hear this news. I heard that he had been ill, but didn't expect this. Saw him many years ago with Sugar Minott, another legend no longer with us. Gregory's music was the music of my youth, his tunes running through my life, I only have to hear them and I'm 19 again!! Rest in peace Cool Ruler.
London, UK

I am so sad to hear that the cool ruler died, May God open the door to Gregory. Rest him in peace
Nickson Kaisi
Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

He was one of the greatest and will be missed by billions. His music brought me happiness and whenever I listen to his music it lifts my soul. My condolences to his family. A pleasure to see him perform.
Catford, UK

Condolences to his wife and children, Gregory is gone but not forgotten and his music will live on and on. May he rest in peace.
M David
Middlesex, UK

We really miss u last time was in carnival Leeds. Very sad
Barghash Sharif
Leeds, UK

Gregory you were the coolest ruler, there will never be a 'substitute' for you, you were 'my number one’ and I would have had you for my 'night nurse' any day. So glad to have met you and have my photo taken with you, now you leave me 'feeling sad tonight' your music will live on RIP
Fran Skellington
Rushden, UK

Loved you for 27 yrs since I was 13 and had your poster on my wall. My now 20 year old daughter loves you too after being bought up listening to you. Gregory you are, a legend gone but not forgotten you will live forever in your music blessings to your family love you forever rip cool ruler.
Lisa Sampson
London, UK

May you be 'nursed' in your 'Night' Greg, R.I.P Isaacs.
Benson Adero
Siaya, Kenya

Oh, my god , this is a shock for me & many , many others , I love Gregory since I was 15 years old, I admire the music , words , sweetness of his voice, may god bless his soul rest in peace , Mr, Night Nurse.
Mutez Ojok
Khartoum, Sudan

He was a great singer who touched many with his nice en smooth lyrics, may the most high jah rest his soul in internal world...deepest condolences to his family
Lazarus Kamanda
Nairobi, Kenya

Thank you for the red rose and thank you for your music. Respect and peace for family and loved ones.
Fran Allen
Exeter, UK

Reggae and the Caribbean Music Industry has lost another Icon.....U'are gone Cool Ruler but not 4gotten....U were loved in Belize....R.I.P
Griga, Belize

I grew up listening to the cool ruler while growing up in Freetown S/L and have been a fan of his ever since. Another roots reggae legend has gone into the sunset. RIP GI.
Femi Anthony

Sweetest Lovers Rock voice, only last week my husband and I were rocking his vibes and now to hear this sad news today! RIP we will keep your music alive in our lives! One Love
Bridgetown, Barbados

Privileged to experience the Cool Ruler at his prime...Rainbow Theatre London early 80's. "The Border" live sent a collective chill down the spine and Gregory shone through the ganja haze in a way that only Bob, Dennis Brown and Burning Spear have managed.
Bless the man with the unique vibe.
Andy Cornwell
London, UK

Night Nurse, Rumours dem tunes live forever you was tha Don Nuff Respect R.I.P.Thank You. Gregory!
Southall, UK

I listen to Gregory Isaacs music since teen age and friends give their son Gregory for name... I saw him in concert for the first time recently in Paris.
GI will be missed.
Thierry Cotrebil
Paris, Martinique

R.I.P The Cool Ruler Sadly Gone But Not Missed !!
DJ Magz
Gloucester, UK

Rest in peace Cool Ruler you'll live on through your music for ever. We miss you.
Birmingham, UK

Condolences to the Cool Ruler's family. I lived and breathed the music of Gregory Isaacs.
His legacy for me will be Clarity personified, loveable lyrics, lovers rock that built and healed relationships, brought joy to millions across the globe in a peaceful, none violent, thought provoking and skilful way. Your dress code and Pride in appearance (Red roses for Gregory)... What an artist, what gift, what a treasure. Wish I could lay hands on all your albums and I'll try to.
Gone but will never be forgotten, God Bless. RIP
Leicester, UK

R.I.P Gregory - The Cool Ruler will live on in the music on our decks forever. A great loss to the Reggae Community. Thanks for the musical legacy!!

Gregory recently completed an album with his son, Kevin Isaacs, called "Father and Son" - beautiful album. Kevin is without a doubt a chip that did not fall far from the block vocally!

My condolences go out to the Isaacs family, friends and fans of the Cool Ruler himself! Great interview by-the-way...!
DJ Raven
Manchester, UK

He truly was the "Cool Ruler". Rest in peace and thank you for the gift of your music, Gregory!
Bermuda Dunes, USA

My condolences go out to his family we went to see Gregory live on stage in the early 80s R.I.P.
Colin Robinson
London, UK

Red Rose for Gregory. RIP
Hank Rosen
Cincinnati, USA

It is really a sad and painful day for me today. Gregory's music made me sooo happy, my medicine for fixing a bad mood. I will truly miss you. May the Good Lord take care of you. Guess you've done your job here on earth providing good music now its time to make music in heaven. Praise and blessings for your wonderful voice. My condolences to your love ones.
R.I.P Gregory "Cool Ruler"
Roseau, Dominica

Sad to know that you've left us brother Gregory
Isaac Kalanda
Liongwe, Malawi

Another king of reggae gone. But never forgotten.
Dave Welsh
Leicester, UK

Rest in peace Gregory my condolences go out to the family and friends
Shellie Moore
Milton Keynes, UK

I love Gregory with all my heart. I met him two years ago at a show in bogue village Jamaica and my favourite song is the more dem get it a d more dem want it, and listen darling who is gonna hold and squeeze mi tight and it goes on boy am so empty inside Gregory I miss you
Zoey Lewis Brown
Montego bay, Jamaica

Truly an angelic voice which hit millions. May God continue to bless yours u have left behind as he truly needed is angel. You will be missed.
New York, USA

Gregory Isaacs the cool ruler master of lovers rock is dead but his music will live on may his sole rest in peace. May God bless his family
Ronel Davis
Grenvill, Grenada

This man was one of the reasons why I started doing music. He is a true inspiration and one that has always impacted my focus to keep going. He will be missed, this is unbelievable. His music shall surely live on. Blessed love and R.I.P mi Elder!
Reggae Artist Walker.T
Kingston, Jamaica

I am so sorry to hear of the sad passing of one of Jamaica's most unique sons. Gregory had one of the most unique and unmistakable voice that will remain with us for generations to come. My condolence goes out to his wife, children and family. Rest in peace Gregory.
Winsome Barrett
London, UK

Have known Gregory since we were children growing up in Kingston and I am so sad to learn of his passing. My deepest condolences to his wife Linda and his family.
Iditta Elaine New (nee Blake)
Swinton, Manchester, UK

I grew up with Gregory so sad, love and condolences to his friends and family, a great loss to reggae. a sum up "sweet sweet memories.
London, UK

Loved your music I love the night nurse and will keep playing all your music all my thoughts are with the family you will be missed.
Chantel Powell
Milton Keynes, UK

R.I.P to the best reggae singer of my time, was lucky to have had the opportunity to meet you
London England

Thanks for the memories and music Gregory. Condolences to his family. Memories and music last forever.
Ian Clarke

My prayers go out to the family. He was an awesome artist; he will be missed in all countries, for he was well known the world over.
L. Denise Joseph
Lafayette, USA

Greg...u were the cool ruler man...Jah remember...
Geoff Hummerstone
London, UK

He was one of the greatest who will be sadly missed. Rest in peace
Vivi Henry
London, UK

Great singer. Roots reggae is about caring for people when they are ill, weak and disabled. Life has no meaning without compassion. Peace great man, peace Gregory.
Sean Obrien
Sheffield, UK

Rest in peace dear friend you lead us for centuries with your amazing lover´s rock miss you. My heart and soul are crying.
Angela Jeng
Hamburg, Germany

To see GI in concert was to see someone who really had swagger in it's fullness, current artists struggle to match it. Your music provided the backdrop, politically and socially to many of our lives, may your family be surrounded by those who will love and comfort them at this sad time.
London, UK

Big suppa gwaan to sion....Jah bles star. i man nes se so from the apache crew
Nes Nesone
Den Haag

A true inspiration R.I.P you are now amongest the angles where you belong.
Mel Joseph
Leeds, UK

Country: England
Une legende du reggar nous a quitté .... paix a son ame
Bree Brigitte
La Courneuve, France

Mister Isaacs was one of the greatest singers in the reggae history; it is an awful day for all lovers of Gregory’s golden style. R.I.P
Andrei Shishkin
Moscow, Russia

Legend, a teacher in reggae music who is loved unconditionally.
Edward Anderson
Pala, United States

Just heard the news about Gregory. I've been listening to his music for many, many years and he was one of mine and my husband’s favourite artists. A real loss to the music world.
Malton, UK

U gone but ya music live.
African Weed
Birmingham, UK

Monday responses

G.I as he was popularly known in Kenya. I remember when he toured Kenya in early 2000.Condolences to his family and country.
Michael Olouasa
Nairobi, Kenya

Deepest, heartfelt condolences to Gregorys family and friends..thanks for yur beautiful music in perfect peace. xx
Tracey, London

He was a great composer, inspired many.We may miss his voice but his work shall go through generations and generations.RIP Gregory.
Henry Ndugwa, Kamapala, Uganda

One of my greatest Reggae favourites has passed away. I'm very sad about this message. But Gregory will live in his music forever.
Stefan Arold, Nuremberg, Germany

My condolences to Mrs Isaacs and children, may the Cool Ruler rest in peace, he was a legend and one of my first albums was Gregorys. He will be truly missed a voice like an angel.
Susan Isaac-Holder, London

I loved your music and have it has my ring tone 'Night Nurse'. You will be well missed RIP.
Dawn Seaton, Essex, UK

A great Reggae Icon, he was and will be missed by many.
Jinaki Major

Gregory Isaacs. Reggea hero, militant roots rock combined with the sweetest lovers reggea. You will be sadly missed. Thank you for soothing my soul with your smooth voice. I'll treasure your music for ever. R.I.P
Eric Acton
Paramaribo, Suriname

Sir Gregory Isaacs you will be truly missed. You are a legend. Rest in peace
Surrey, UK

Today is a very sad day. I was not aware that Gregory Isaacs was ill and I am very glad I had a chance to see The Night Nurse Man in concert in VA. It is very sad the world have lost another Great Reggae Legend again. R.I.P Gregory Isaacs. The IslandMan Love You and will miss You. Jah Rasterfari...
Cassius IslandMan
Newport News, VA

A Reggae Legend who will be greatly missed by young and old. My prayers are with his family and close friends. You may be gone from our sight, but your music will live on. God Bless
London, UK

The cool ruler will be surely missed. Condolences to his wife and children.
Sheryl Gayle
Portmore, Jamaica

I was shocked & saddened to hear the sad passing of Gregory Isaacs. The best tune back in the 80's is Night Nurse. My condolences goes to his family and friends. Gregory, may you rest in peace, and god bless you.
Cliff Charles
London, UK

R.I.P a great loss to the world he will be missed. Thanks for the sounds.
Gordon Dobbie
Stirling, Scotland

I am so sad right know. I can't believe the Reggae community has lost yet another great legend. May you rest in perfect peace Gregory. Will always love you and your music. It's inspirational to me. Thank you
Elissha Godfrey
London, UK

Simply the Best
Huge Fan
Leicester, UK

A very sad sad day R.I.P The Cool Ruler your music will live on forever as you will in our hearts
Bedford, UK

R.I.P Gregory. The best singer.
Liesbeth Pieters
Roosendaal, Nederland

I don't believe he has gone zion. Gregory live forever.
Fujimi City, Japan

R.I.P a true legend, will be greatly missed
Jules Shaw
Sheffield, UK

Great work done, mr love doctor R.I.P
Benedict Ongeche
Kisumu, Kenya

A great reggae artist a classic maker of some of the finest reggae songs ever produced he brought much pleasure to young old romantic and roots reggae lovers . He is already missed, give thanks for his life, nuff relationships and affairs of the hart came as a result of his music, Nuff baby born and niceness enjoyed One love Cool Ruler I give thanks
Philip Gabbidon

I am sorry we loose such a great legend I love his music very much.
Manley Robinson
Mitcham, Surrey

It is a very,very sad day today.I had just that Gregory was ill on my Sirius radio last week and now his dead. We have lost another Great Reggae legend again. R.I.P. Gregory Isaacs. I Love You
Carla Tobias

Another sad loss Thanks for the music over the years May Jah look after you Love and blessings to you and also your family left behind
Nick Santus
Tujarang, Gambia

Gregory, may your soul rest in peace. I hope you took an opportune moment to make peace with your maker. Gregory was my No.1 reggae artist. Will miss his music. More Gregory. Condolences to his family and may his soul rest in eternal peace. You may be gone but your music will live on forever.
Marilyn Pascal
Coulibistrie, Dominica

A massive talent whose voice will be remembered! I recall many great nights listening to Gregory. R.I.P. brother.
Matt Golo
Chicago, USA

Aged of 15, a long time ago I was given your album and fell in love with you, from that day on.. R.I.P my lover rock man...
London, UK

A great loss not only to the reggae community-but to cultural progress in general-the cool ruler will never die. 'Black a kill black ' will remain one of the finest socio-political records ever made.
Stoppa Stoppa
London, UK

I have listened and loved the man's music for most of my life. Blessings and condolences I send to the family.
Sharifah Jahwad

Gregory Isaacs wrote the soundtrack to my teen years. 'Border', 'Tune In', 'Slave Master', are just a few of the tunes that have never left my sub-conscious. Original 'rude boy', whose swagger matched his incredible talent. I'll miss you.

I loved this artist, bad boy singer, I have plenty of his selection ranging from early 70-s up to now.
Ravi M
London, UK

Extra classic that's what he was and will always be.
Delores Frederick
London, UK

A huge amount of respect goes out to Gregory Isaacs. In my opionion the greatest reggae singer of my generation.
Danny Vincent
Romford, UK

Gregory Isaacs A prolific life
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