25 July, 2008 - Published 12:18 GMT

An audience with Sparrow

The Mighty Sparrow has never been one to hold back on his views.

From the time the Americans left post war Trinidad ('Jean and Dinah') to his comments on an intruder in Queen Elizabeth's bedroom ('Philip my dear'), Slinger Francisco has, during a 40-year career, chronicled events in song.

Francisco, aka Sparrow, holds more titles than any other calypsonian.

So when he paid a visit to BBC Caribbean's studios, he was asked to share his views on world events.

It turns out that Sparrow is a huge fan of US Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama.

Debbie Ransome talks to Sparrow about Barack Obama

Sparrow's latest album 'Barack the magnicifent' is a creative take on how he sees the Democratic hopeful.

Sparrow's album also features his latest tune 'Please tell me why'.

The song takes Sparrow into a new sound which he also talked about during his interview.

Kevin Lyttle joined Sparrow and Debbie Ransome in the studios.

Sparrow on 'Tell me why'

After 40 years at the top of the calypso world heirarchy, Sparrow made it pretty clear he's not ready to abdicate yet.